Multimedia Journalism Tutorials – Updated List

Here is the list of online classes, instructional videos, and handouts that I am using in my multimedia reporting workshop (officially titled Online Journalism 2) at Rowan University this fall.

Tutorial 1: Finding a Good Story and Telling It
Listen to This American Life’s “Rest Stop Episode”
Watch Ira Glass talk about the elements of storytelling on YouTube (Parts 1-4)
Part 1 – The Building Blocks of a Story
Part 2 – On Finding Great Stories
Part 3 – On Good Taste
Part 4 – Two Common Pitfalls

Tutorial 2: Reporting Across Platforms (NewsU course)

Tutorial 3: Audio Interviews
Read Interviewing 101: A quick and dirty guide to getting the scoop (CLP)
Read Audio 101: A quick and dirty guide to recording your story (CLP)
Read Gathering Audio by Brian Storm (MediaStorm)

Tutorial 4: Telling Stories with Sound (NewsU course)

Tutorial 5: Audio Editing
Watch “How to Convert Audio Files Using Switch”

Garage Band (Mac)
Watch video overview  Garage Band Basics for Journalists
Then read though GarageBand Podcast Setup and Overview for detailed instructions.

Audacity (PC and Mac)
Watch video overview Audacity Basics for Journalists
Superfast Guide to Audio Editing (pdf) – includes instructions for installing Audacity on your home computer. (Mindy McAdams)
Editing Audio with Audacity (Part 2) (pdf) – more detailed instructions (Mindy McAdams)
How to Use Audacity (Knight Digital Media Center)

Tutorial 6: Photo 101 and Photoshop 101
Read Photojournalism 101: A quick and dirty guide to photographing your story (CLP) and watch How to Resize and Save Photos for the Web

Tutorial 7: Language of the Image (NewsU course)

Tutorial 8: Soundslides How To
Watch A Quick Tour of Soundslides
If you have questions, review How to Use Soundslides (Knight Digital Media Center)

Tutorial 9: How to Improve Your Audio Slide Shows
Read How to Make Your Audio Slide Shows Better by Colin Mulvany
Read Mark Luckie’s Five Common Photo Slide Show Mistakes
Read Mindy McAdam’s Tell a Good Story with Images and Sound
Read Mindy McAdam’s Do’s and Don’ts for Slide Shows

Tutorial 10: How to Ebed a Soundslides Slide Show on WordPress

Tutorial 11: Video Storytelling for the Web (NewsU course)

Tutorial 12: iMovie
iMovie for Journalists (Knight Digital Media Center)
iMovie 09 Tutorials (Apple)

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