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Magazines have always been part of Media week. Although we went digital four years ago, we still regularly report on the industry and consume magazines as both print and digital products.

Despite massive sector challenges, some accelerated by Covid-19, publishers are launching and relaunching titles. Magazine circulation and readership figures (now only available from Roy Morgan) are not what they used to be, but there remains a smaller but vibrant magazine sector providing information and entertainment to readers and consumers. opportunities for advertisers.

Media week has been following many magazine initiatives this year and we will follow up on all of them. (See the links below to see if you missed any.)

Some of the recent developments that we will be monitoring include:

Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Switzer Media has been bold in obtaining this license from Hearst International. It’s a wonderful brand name, but Australian publishers tried it twice before releasing the title here. For this third time to be successful, we’re assuming it will have to be a lean operation with no big overheads for publishers, which is one of the things that held it back before. Swiss media editor Maureen Jordan invests however, especially in talent.

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Switzer Media secures Eugenie Kelly to edit the return of Harper’s Bazaar

School house edition

New Zealand has always had a thriving magazine market. It took a kick in the guts at the start of Covid when what was then Bauer New Zealand suddenly pulled from the market in early 2020. Part of the industry response was the well-known editor. from New Zealand magazine. Sido kitchen organize a group of talented people to launch a freelance publisher.

School House Publishing is its name and so far they have released four titles and have used the expertise of the former boss of Bauer Australia and New Zealand. Paul Dykzuel as a consultant and member of the board of directors.

The four titles are Woman, Havre, Thrive and Scout.

You can find them on Readly and we’ll be presenting an update from Sido Kitchen on their progress here soon.

Photo from left to right: School Road Publishing Editorial Team – Wendyl Nissen, Vanessa Marshall, Sido Kitchin and Sarah-Kate Lynch

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Morgan magazine and newspaper readership

Earlier this year, what was left of Australia’s top magazine publishers decided that maybe two magazine reader surveys were a little excessive. This marked the end of the Emma readership initiative, leaving Roy Morgan as the sole provider of readership figures. We will explore the numbers in more detail in the future.

At present, there is a readership for newspapers and magazines available. For both print and stand-alone products, plus an issue for the multiplatform readership that includes digital audiences.

In the print readership, the most important titles remain the main titles of Coles and Woolworth’s supermarkets, followed by the combined readership of the in-flight magazines of state automobile associations, NRMA, RACV, etc.

The monthly Are Media giants Better houses and gardens and Australian Women’s Weekly both have a print readership of over one million, as do the publishers of Bunnings magazine for its clients.

Here are the numbers for over 1 million titles and the year-over-year change as of March 31, 2021.

Coles 4,959,000 + 10.5%
Fees 4,462,000 + 11.1%
Automobile club 2,522,000 + 2.1%
Better Homes and Gardens 1,591,000 -10.2%
Bunnings magazine 1,550,000 + 32.5%
Australian Women’s Weekly 1,389,000 + 3.9%

On the weekly market, the two fierce rivals are now of course in common property. The numbers continue to drop for printed products, with Woman’s day on your mind.

Women’s Day 699,000 -17.0%
New idea 589,000 -22.2%

Are Media acquires the distributor of Ovato

Under the leadership of the new CEO Jane huxley, Australia’s largest magazine publisher is embarking on an innovative strategy. Are Media acquires the only major magazine distributor in Australia, Ovato Retail Distribution (formerly Gordon & Gotch). The sale was overseen by Michael and James Hannan, respectively president and CEO of the printing group Ovato.

Late last week, the ACCC said other magazine publishers believed Ovato was the only viable option for national distribution, saying it would not oppose the sale. President of ACCC Sims rod indicated that there would be little chance that there would be “a substantial decrease in competition”. Sims also noted that Are Media is unlikely to gain a significant competitive advantage at the point of sale or by accessing sales data from competing publishers.

Are Media acquires the Australian and New Zealand distribution activities. However, sales will be split, with Australia sold first pending approval from the New Zealand competition regulator. Both sales are expected to be finalized by the end of August 2021. The selling price is $ 15 million in total – $ 10 million for Australia and $ 5 million for New Zealand. The new owner must also accept a “negative working capital position” of $ 27 million.

Are Media’s return to magazine distribution follows Bauer’s decision in 2016 to shut down its Network magazine distribution division, ceding its titles to Gordon & Gotch.

Magazine ad revenue outlook: grim

To quickly get a feel for the contraction of the magazine industry, just look at the revenue numbers. Zenith’s latest ad spend forecast for Australia is a sober reading.

In 2010, consumer and business titles sold advertising worth an estimated $ 871 million ($ 217 million for businesses and $ 653 for consumers). A decade later, by 2020, that number had grown to $ 105 million ($ 16 million for businesses and $ 90 million for consumers). The forecast for 2023 is even bleaker with combined ad revenue of $ 74 million ($ 11 million for businesses and $ 63 million for consumers).

Digital platforms: Readly v Apple News +

Part of the Media week magazine habit is one of the magazine subscription platforms. Or the “Netflix of magazines” as they are called. I started using Apple News + and was impressed with the value.

However, when I first started checking out the Readly offer, not only was it $ 5 cheaper per month, but it offers a staggering magazine library of some 5,000 titles. There are also two other reasons to skip now – it’s only $ 10 per month, and new users get two months free. Unlike Apple News +, all Readly magazines are the full printed facsimile, not a web version as is the case with some Apple News + titles.

The downside for magazine publishers and subscription platform retailers is obvious: people could buy even fewer titles at retail and subscribe less at publisher’s price.

The upside is that they will generate more interest in magazines, motivating some to buy titles at retail and then perhaps subscribe to the hard copy. It also gives all advertisers a much larger audience.

It’s now a growing part of the magazine business and we’ll be exploring it more here in the coming weeks with the opinions of publishers and retailers on the impact of platforms.

Lock playlist

Home Belle (Are media)

It has long been a great magazine thanks to its recent owners and publishers. The latter a list that includes Wendy moore, Sarah burman and now in the interim editor Katrina O’Brien. The title finds great homes and details properties better than anyone.

Country style (Are media)

This magazine always looks better, especially during a miserable Sydney winter hit by Covid. The title has been around for ages and, if memory serves, started with Century Publishing, then moved from FPC, News Magazines to Bauer, now of course Are Media. The editor is Kylie imeson, a Gourmet Traveler Wine old students.

Choice (Australian Consumers Association)

The monthly consumer title, or more accurately the parent brand Australian Consumers’ Associations, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. The first one Choice the membership publication was sent to 500. That number quickly grew to 10,000 and nowadays the magazine is sent to 185,000 members. There is not enough in the media to fight for the consumer (with a few notable exceptions like A topical matter) so help yourself to protect yourself and others by signing up. You will also potentially save a lot and quickly realize how many items Aldi’s inventory is rated higher than the much more expensive alternatives.

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