ARMYs in China suspended on social media for Jimin plane



Imagine that you just wanted to celebrate the birthday of your favorite idol, but then received the hatred of an entire nation.

Weibo, one of China’s largest social media platforms and microblogging site, recently suspended the accounts of major K-Pop fan clubs in China last Sunday after a fan club of BTS’s Jimin came under fire. for paying for a personalized plane to celebrate the idol’s birthday. . Fan clubs belonging to several popular K-Pop groups and artists like NCT’s BTS, EXO and Jaehyun were among those banned from posting on Weibo, due to their “irrational star worship.”

JiminBarChina, the fan club in question, has received a lot of reaction in China after raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to order a Jimin-themed Jeju Air plane. According to them Twitter posts This past June, the initiative was supposed to celebrate BTS’s Jimin’s birthday on October 13 and would apply to domestic flights in South Korea for around 3 months.

The fan club also said they would put advertisements in well-known newspapers like the New York Times and The Times for the idol’s birthday.

It is common for fans around the world to have these big fundraisers to support their idols, which can be seen through buying votes in idol survival shows, commercials and birthday events. like this one. Sometimes fan clubs get together to donate to charitable causes under the name of their idols.

The combined effort of Jimin’s Chinese fanbase is laudable and commendable how ready they are to support and celebrate their favorite idol, the Chinese government sees it in a very different light.

As you may already know, China’s pop culture and entertainment industry is currently undergoing a “crackdown” and “purge” from the Chinese government. Some of his infamous campaigns are his eight point plan that talks about the “standard” they should have in their entertainment industry and their ban on “sissy idols”. They also pointed out that fans are overspending on their favorite idols and celebrities.

K-Pop and everything Korean is currently a gray area for Chinese fans, due to the strained relationship between China and South Korea. In fact, BTS is banned from China because of a comment by RM on the alliance between the United States and South Korea during the Korean War.

Apparently, wanting to celebrate your idol’s birthday can now seem unpatriotic. Ouch. I wouldn’t want to be here now.



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