Better personal finances get more money between hands with higher income – Loans

No matter the income level, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Does every penny stand against you to make life come together? And you are in a completely consistent form at the end of this month, no matter how much you have received in pay? Read here and get advice on personal finance.

Get the picture and not least profit in the economy!

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There can be many causes of poor personal, but usually it is over. But an oversimplified thinking that something is “cured” in your finances will be wrong, there will always be new bills you couldn’t predict. It is essential to become aware of their consumption patterns.

If you don’t know where the money goes each month, you can’t help the situation. A good idea is to write down all costs over time and then consider how things are going wrong and how much is overinvolved.

Many feel that it is incredibly easy to stop spending too much money when we first got started. It’s a sport to save money, and you suddenly understand that we really don’t need a new cell phone or a pair of shoes. In addition, a price-conscious, which makes you suddenly think it is completely hopeless to pay about 20% extra in credit, when you can get, what you need for discount supermarkets. Likewise, suddenly there is a long between visits to the student!

If you have climbed debt with various fast consumers, increased overdraft

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You are likely to pay a sky high amount of interest each month. A good idea is to collect the debt in one loan. This way you will be able to calmly settle your debt while paying less interest and know the overall result as well as funds have become available.

When there is air in the economy, many people lead to blood, and it will be interesting to see how much can actually be saved each month. Maybe you pay too much in insurance? Maybe your association is much more expensive than a similar alternative, and maybe you pay too much interest?

Often people have a blind faith in their bank advisor

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But it is important to remember that the financial advisor is mainly employed as a salesperson in your bank. The bank must, like any other business to make money running around and its advisors tend to offer a provision that makes it attractive to him to make consumer, pension agreements, contracts, etc. for as many clients as possible. Your bank advisor is not an objective advisor, necessarily putting your needs first.

And if you have had a poor economy with overspending, you probably need a lot of work to avoid this person in your life. You have not spent unnecessary time with your challenging bank advisor. Do you consume credit, housing or car loans? You may want to check agreements and not least compare the terms with offers from other banks.

On the Economic and Consumer Council website you will find an overview of banks’ prices and compare prices for different products. Do not want to switch bank, with these numbers in the background you can negotiate better words with your existing bank.

Constantly receiving new bills and reminders can be a major cause of stress and bad nerves – especially if they cannot pay … Get hold of the economy, but require nothing but to accept its responsibility for its financial situation. Read more about loans and the economy here on the website.