Biden says cable news industry ‘heading south’


President BidenJoe BidenBiden says he didn’t ‘overpromise’ Finnish PM to promise ‘extremely tough’ sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine Wednesday lamented the partisan divide currently playing out on cable news channels across the country and predicted declining ratings in years to come.

“One of the things that I find fascinating is happening, and you all deal with it every day and it will impact how things play out, is that a lot of the speculation and the polling data show the cables going south,” Biden said. at a press conference from the White House. “They’re losing viewership.”

Biden specifically called out Fox News, saying the conservative news network was “all right for a while, but it’s not granted and much of the rest shouldn’t be in the mix over the next four or so years.” next five years”.

Biden added that many cable viewers have “gone into certain alleys” and observed that the vast majority of the media-consuming public seek news sources that reaffirm their political worldview.

“Again, I’m not an expert in all of this, but I think you have to recognize that what’s covered now is necessarily a little bit different than what’s covered in the past,” Biden told reporters during the interview. briefing. “And that changed because of everything from a thing called the Internet. It changed because the way we have self-identified prospects on what channel you’re on, what network, what cable you’re watching. It didn’t never really been like this.”

Fox News, which features prime-time opinion leaders who regularly attack Biden and his policies, typically dominates the cable ratings landscape. Recent data from Per Nielsen MRI Fusion also shows that more Democrats watch Fox News in prime time than CNN.

Each of the three major cable news companies, Fox, CNN and MSNBC, have invested millions of dollars in recent years to bolster their streaming services as more Americans cut cable TV from their homes. budgets.

Earlier in his lengthy press conference on Wednesday, Biden responded to a question from Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy, with whom he has previously argued, who asked the president why he was pulling the country “if far to the left”. Biden dismissed the question, saying he is not a socialist.

Later in the press conference, a reporter from Newsmax, a small right-wing network, asked the president about a poll indicating that some voters thought he was mentally unfit for office.


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