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The Labor leader told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he wanted to “make Brexit work” and in no way join the European Union. This engagement sparked a frenzy of upset Remainers online, with many voicing disappointment with Sir Keir. He was previously seen as a big supporter of a second referendum and a prominent anti-Brexit politician.

Many responded to Brexit’s new three-word slogan by stating that ‘making Brexit work is impossible’ and ‘Brexit will never work’.

Siobhan Benita, a former London mayoral candidate, tweeted: “And with that, my last vestige of hope in Keir Starmer dies.”

@implausibleblog posted: “Labor policy towards the EU seems to be the same as conservative policy towards the EU.”

@Quemerford echoed this: “Make Brexit work? Why aren’t he and Labor screaming from the rooftops about the disastrous and ideological Brexit that screwed the country up?”

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Former Green MEP Molly Scott Cato tweeted: “So depressed to hear Keir Starmer adopt the slogan ‘make Brexit work’.

“Follow the Conservatives with their disastrous anti-European policies and their absurd three-word slogans. The exact opposite of the opposition we need.”

@ jude5456 said: “Put the country first and speak out against Brexit. Making Brexit work is impossible and you know it.”

@ ali4bs added, “Did Keir Starmer just sign his own letter of resignation?

The Labor leader explained: ‘It’s great to say Brexit is done, we have to make Brexit work.

“To do this, we have to address some of the shortcomings and weaknesses of the current arrangements. “

The Labor leader said he would do “all I can to make it easier for British companies to do business across the world, but in particular with the EU”.

He added: “What I’m not talking about is joining the EU, what I’m not talking about is tearing up the current deal and starting over – nobody wants to be in this place.”


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