Burglar Brags About Short Time With Aryan Khan In Prison, Ends Up Against Police Nails | Bombay News


Giving interviews to news channels and bragging about his short stint with actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan inside Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai has proven to be costly for one. Aryan Khan’s 44-year-old barracks companion. Police identified Shrawan Nadar, who was housed in Barracks No. 1 with Aryan, while giving interviews to news channels and arrested him in pending cases.

Originally from Tamil Nadu, the resident of Mankhurd Nadar was held in Arthur Road prison after his arrest in a case of theft at the Matunga police station. On Saturday, he boasted in front of television cameras that he was staying in the same barracks, where 23-year-old Aryan was staying.

He said, two came to the prison almost at the same time. After about 10 days, he was released on bail, so he was released from prison.

When the Bombay High Court granted bail for Aryan and two others on Thursday, Nadar went to Arthur Road Prison, expecting Aryan to come out, but that didn’t happen. is not produced.

At the time, Nadar spoke to the media and claimed that he saw Aryan crying inside the prison and also had a haircut etc. He also claimed that Aryan asked him to go meet his father (Shah Rukh Khan) in Bandra and asked him to send money inside the prison. He said that as a result, he visited Mannat in Bandra to see Aryan’s family and give them his message. But the security guards did not entertain him.

“It is not clear if Aryan asked him to send a message to his family or if Nadar was planning to extract money from his family, but one thing is verified that he was also in the number 1 barracks where Aryan was housed, ”said a police officer.

“While Nadar was busy giving interviews to news channels, describing Aryan life inside the prison, coincidentally policemen from Juhu who had been looking for Nadar for eight months in a burglary case, spotted him (Nadar) on the TV screen. They immediately alerted the officials of the local criminal branch (Unit-3), following which Nadar was immediately arrested outside the prison and taken to the criminal branch unit. Later, he was handed over to the Juhu police, ”said an officer from the criminal branch, on condition of anonymity.

Chief Inspector Shashikant Mane from the Juhu Police Station said, “Nadar has 13 cases of burglary and theft against him. He has three cases on him from our police stations and was wanted in a burglary case for the past eight months. On Friday, a local court took him into custody until November 1.


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