CCP buys media influence by paying millions to US newspapers and magazines: report



WASHINGTON: Chinese propaganda outlet China Daily has poured millions into leading US newspapers and magazines over the past six months to buy media influence, an independent analyst reported citing documents filed with the US Department of Justice.
According to revelations from the Department of Justice, the English-language state newspaper China Daily paid several hundred thousand dollars to leading American publications like Time magazine and Foreign Policy magazine in the space of six months. .
Up to $ 700,000 has been donated to Time magazine; $ 371,577 to the Financial Times; $ 291,000 to Foreign Policy magazine; $ 272,000 to the Los Angeles Times; and over a million dollars to others.
Last month, The Daily Caller reported that China Daily, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, had paid more than $ 4.6 million to the Washington Post and nearly $ 6 million to the Wall Street Journal since November 2016. Both newspapers are said to have published paid supplements that China Daily produces. called “China Watch”. The inserts are designed to look like real news articles, although they often contain a pro-Beijing approach to contemporary current events.
According to the Justice Department, China Daily also paid for advertising in several other newspapers, including The New York Times ($ 50,000), Foreign Policy ($ 240,000), The Des Moines Register ($ 34,600) and CQ -Roll Call (76,000 USD).
He spent a total of $ 11,002,628 on US newspaper advertising and $ 265,822 on Twitter advertising.
The Department of Justice has for years required China Daily to disclose its activities semi-annually under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The most recent brief, which China Daily submitted on June 1, is the first to include detailed breakdowns of payments to U.S. news outlets. The outlet disclosed these expenses for the period from November 2016 to April 2020.
The Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and Boston Globe are all listed as clients of the China Daily. The Chinese outlet paid the Los Angeles Times $ 657,523 for printing services, according to FARA documents.
Pro-democracy groups have long warned against attempts by the Chinese government to channel propaganda through the US media.
The report comes at a time when China Daily and other Beijing-controlled propaganda media are coming under scrutiny due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Chinese government officials have attempted to deflect responsibility for the spread of the virus to the United States and other Western countries. Numerous regime-controlled media, including China Daily, echoed the arguments of the Communist leaders.



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