Center allows meals and newspapers on all domestic flights without restrictions as Covid cases decline


Latest news from domestic flights today: As corona cases have declined significantly, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Tuesday authorized the availability of meals and newspaper services on all flights, regardless of their duration. Apart from this, magazines and other reading materials will also be available on all flights on domestic routes.Also Read – International Flights: India Plans To Increase Flight Services To More Countries, In Talks With Airlines, Says Government Official

Due to the COVID pandemic, the central government in April this year banned airlines from serving food on flights lasting less than two hours and also stopped providing reading material. Also Read – International Flights: AirAsia India Obtains Security Clearance, Likely To Obtain Global Flight Permit Soon

In issuing an order, the Civil Aviation Ministry said airlines operating on domestic routes can provide on-board meal service, with no restrictions on flight duration. Read also – International flights: when are the curbs likely to be lifted? Aviation official makes a BIG statement

The ministry’s order further stated that airlines – both international and domestic – can provide magazines / reading material to passengers on board.

“The decision to resume meals and magazines was taken as the number of Covid cases has decreased due to the proper implementation of the appropriate Covid behavior protocol,” the ministry said in the order.

It should be noted that when regular domestic flights resumed on May 25 after the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, the ministry allowed airlines to serve meals on board under certain conditions.

However, the ministry issued a new order in April amending the previous one and said meals on board will only be served when the flight duration is two hours or more.


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