Concerns over Urmston’s new license ahead of council decision


AN EXCLUSIVE LICENSE could arrive in Urmston, but residents and a counselor are concerned about anti-social behavior.

An application for a permit for new premises at Canterbury Road in Urmston, for a Mini Mart, has been sent to council by the new owners.

If granted, the license will allow the store to sell alcohol Monday through Sunday, between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. – and until midnight on public holidays and the Sundays immediately preceding public holidays.

The off-license is a new business venture and the site, which is currently empty, is in the process of being renovated into a general convenience store selling products such as newspapers, magazines, groceries, drinks. carbonated, cigarettes, dairy products, snacks and sweets.

The store was previously licensed as McColl’s from September 2016 until August 2020, when the license was discontinued.

Video surveillance will be set up to cover the immediate interior and exterior of the store.

But residents are worried.

A number of people have already written to council regarding plans for the new store and a petition is circulating against the plans.

A resident of Canterbury Road said: “I wish to oppose the license application, due to the excessive opening hours for the application.

“The Canterbury Road area is residential and has suffered from crime and anti-social behavior in the past, to the point that a CCTV camera has been installed on the road focusing on the very store for which this app is intended.

“There is already a licensed store for offsite liquor sales at a few stores with reasonable hours of operation, but even that store still attracts an element of trouble over the course of a year.”

Councilor Jayne Dillon, Davyhulme East, echoed residents’ concerns.

She wrote to the board and said, “I would like to object, please. The reasons I oppose this are that as a city councilor, I have already been contacted on several occasions by residents of this region regarding anti-social behavior and litter. I also contacted the PCSO about this.

“I know some of the local residents have started a petition on this issue and I spoke to one of the residents today. I share their concerns.

If approved, store hours will be the same as the previous McColl’s store.

According to the board report, the applicant would like to include certain alcohol sales to enable the business to offer the full and comprehensive convenience service.

The store will focus on a general convenience store, with the alcohol sales offered being simply part of the overall business.

In an attempt to allay fears of anti-social behavior, the owners provided details of the video surveillance that was to be installed inside and outside the premises.

The report adds: “All personnel selling alcohol will be authorized to sell alcohol in writing and a record of the authorization will be kept in the store for inspection.

“Any incident of crime and disorder on the premises or immediately outside, which staff have witnessed, will be recorded in an incident log kept on the premises. Spirits will be kept behind the counter.

“Staff will be vigilant and monitor the area immediately outside the store to make sure young people are not causing discomfort by gathering.

“Deliveries to the premises will be arranged so as not to cause any public nuisance. Notices will be posted in the premises asking customers to leave the premises quietly.

“Staff will regularly monitor the area immediately outside the premises to verify and properly dispose of waste from the premises. ”

The request is to be decided by the licensing committee tonight.


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