Dungeons & Dragons TV shows a top priority for Hasbro’s eOne


While a new Dungeons & Dragons movie hits theaters in 2023, there’s a whole universe in store for eOne.

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While the new Dungeons & Dragons film wrapped up in August of this year and was slated to be a standalone reboot of the franchise, it has become evident through recent interviews that the film will connect to a much bigger plan for popular game ownership like a host of shows from. television head to eOne’s small screen. Global Television’s president for Hasbro’s entertainment division, Michael Lombardo, recently revealed in an interview that among the many Hasbro-based projects coming up in the not-so-distant future.

Dungeons & Dragons has had a mixed run in television and film, with the 1980s animated series having a very loose connection to its namesake but hugely popular when produced by TSR and Marvel Productions. In contrast, a 2000 live-action film starring Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans, Thora Birch and Justin Whalin was badly maimed and failed to recoup its $ 45 million budget. This time around, the new film and planned series hope to bring the world to Dungeons & Dragons to life in live-action with more success than the last run out.


“Our big goal at the moment is Dungeons & Dragons,“said Lombardo Deadline. “When I first sat down with Darren [Throop, eOne’s CEO] and Steeve [Bertram, eOne’s President of Film and Television], knowing that Dungeons is part of the Hasbro portfolio was incredibly exciting to me. It’s a world and part of it is, its challenges are wow, where to start? We don’t want it to be a single show, so we’re developing a multi-pronged approach for TV, a number of scripted and unscripted shows, and we’re hoping to bring that to market early in this. next year. ”

Lombardo has gone on to confess that he doesn’t play the game himself, but has found many filmmakers extremely passionate about the world he lives in. “I was not a Dungeons & Dragons kid, and maybe I’m too old for that, but the people who played it, they keep playing it, it’s so meaningful. They’re so passionate about it, and we’ve had a lot of talk and a lot of interesting filmmakers, it’s just finding the right team that has legs, that feels fresh right now. We have a big movie that’s in the process of being released right now that will be released first, so we’re also trying to navigate the brand in a more holistic way so that the movie doesn’t feel apart, but connected in a way. or another to a larger universe. ”

While there are currently a lot of new projects coming up for fans of Dungeons & Dragons from eOne, an unscripted show, Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Call to Adventure, who sees the show’s cast playing D&D in real time through audience participation, aired its first episode on G4 Twitch and YouTube. Although this is a discreet addition to the D&D franchise outside of the games themselves, it’s a great stepping stone to the big budget productions that lie ahead in the next few years.

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