Fake news broadcasters spark tensions


Police face a new challenge in the form of spreading “fake news” in the Huzurabad poll. Already, four first information reports (FIR) have been registered until Saturday on such cases.

These people create fake news models by using the names of telugu news channels / newspapers along with statements from public officials such as a deputy or minister. In one case, they issued a statement on behalf of Nizamabad MP Aravind Dharampuri with the logo of a Telugu newspaper.

“A person seeing this would mistakenly believe that the statement likely to trigger community tensions was made by the public official,” said Karimnagar Police Commissioner V. Satyanarayana. He clarified that the member had not made any such statement.

In another case, a model was created to publish baseless information that authorities seized huge sums of money from BJP candidate Eatala Rajender using the logo of a TV news channel. In fact, no money was seized, the commissioner said. In yet another model, fake news was circulating that Minister Gangula Kamalakar had agreed to the state government collecting more taxes on gas cylinders.

Offenders use social media to spread this fake news. “With the polls in a week’s time, people would naturally be interested in learning about political developments. Taking advantage of this, the delinquents disseminate false information creating differences ”, explained the commissioner.

Offenders use mobile apps like Breaking News Photo Editor, News Paper Photo Frame, Breaking News Reporter Photo and Video, and Breaking News Video Maker. “Some people have used these apps to create pranks for entertainment. But the same are used to create tension now, ”Mr. Satyanrayana said.

One person was already detained in one case. Probe said one of the fake news was created by someone in Hyderabad. Efforts are being made to catch all those involved in the offenses. Technical teams are being hired to identify, track and catch these people, the commissioner said.


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