The Florida Keys are home to some of the world’s most iconic restaurants and bars.

Creative culinary spirits elevate local seafood to new levels and celebrate contemporary fusion, Cuban, Caribbean, Asian, French and international influences. Our island chain is one of the best dining destinations in the world.

In addition to meals, the skilled professionals who define our local hospitality industry do so much more than prepare unique cocktails and serve delicious meals. These men and women are also our ambassadors, social directors, travel counselors and unlicensed but often effective therapists.

To celebrate our unique food culture, Keys Weekly brings you this bi-weekly feature to showcase the food, drink and local personalities that define our “must see” destinations across the Florida Keys. Whether you’re a first-time tourist or a fifth-generation local, be sure to indulge in something new or revisit a familiar favorite. Most importantly, support the local owners and employees who are vital to our Keys communities.

DJ’s Clam Shack, 629 Duval St., serves steamed medium clams in a homemade garlic sauce begging to be drizzled with the garlic bread they carefully include. MANDY MILES / Keys Weekly

Caitlyn Catterson, bartender
Islamorada Brewery and Distillery

Of: Vero Beach, Florida
When did you move to the Keys? I moved to the Keys two years ago.
Favorite drink to prepare? Theft of beer. It gives guests a choice of several beers.
Favorite beverage to drink? I like to drink any seltzer.
What are you doing on your day off? On the fishing boat

Unmissable Castaways cocktail: jalapeno mojito with pineapple
The popular pineapple jalapeno mojito has a kick like a mule. “We cut some fresh jalapeño, and oh, yeah, we save the seeds,” Castaways bartender Shannon Hammett said with a mischievous smile. She throws in some fresh mint and lime, and mixes the mixture in submission. Then she piles up the ice, pours a large amount of pineapple rum – “way too much rum,” Hammett said – and tops the drink with pineapple cider. “Customers love the sweetness, the spiciness, the rum, the cider and the taste of the fresh mint.”

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