Here’s how newspapers around the world marked the death of Queen Elizabeth II


After news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death sent shockwaves around the world on Thursday, publications around the world commemorated her decades-long reign with special front-page tributes.

From small towns and villages in England to countries like Japan and France, newspapers and magazines have recalled the Queen’s dedication to a lifetime of service.

Although the pages spanned continents, there were some similarities. Many used a portrait of the Queen in full regalia at her coronation, or displayed an older image of her after years of experience on the throne. Others, meanwhile, showed her smiling or gazing solemnly into the distance, without the usual characteristics of royalty.

Displays highlighted her dedication to Britain and her Commonwealth, with titles like ‘A Life of Service’, ‘The Queen and Spirit of Britain’ and ‘A Pillar of Duty and devotion” splashed on the pages.

The Daily Mirror had only two words: “Thank you”.

Britain is currently in mourning as the country prepares for a new era under King Charles III. On Friday, people around the world continued to remember the Queen as the monarchy entered its next stage.

Here’s a look at how some of the front pages honored Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

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