EARTH TO EARTH: Local poet Steve Walter

August 21, 2021

This week, local scribe and Friends of the Earth member Steve Walter will host a spoken word evening with famous poet Roger West at King Charles the Martyr Church. This is part of the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival, which takes place in various venues around the city until August 27. Here Steve describes the event, which he says will be a true celebration of life on earth …

On Tuesday August 24th, the famous Scottish poet Roger West and I will host a poetry evening as part of the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival.

Title Remember the land of which you are the skin, it will celebrate our precious planet and consist of both spoken word and inspiring soundscapes. The title comes from Joy Harjo’s poem Remember.

INVENTIVE: poet Roger West created soundscapes for the stage

Roger and I will meet for the first time in the evening and we are both, like many of us, united in our concern for the well-being of the planet – and also our love of poetry and performance.

Tuesday’s event will be held at King Charles the Martyr Church by The Pantiles, opposite the Forum (which is also the center of other events during the Poetry Festival).

Audiences can expect to be impressed by the magnificent sound composition created by the talented poet Roger. It is called Consider the song of the cicada and is a suite of 15 poems and a song that retraces week after week the summer months in the south of France – from the first notes of the cicadas, which herald summer, to their disappearance in autumn.

Each piece in the suite uses soundscapes, prerecorded and generated on stage, and live music. In the evening there will also be a musician playing the King Charles grand piano.

Roger’s poem draws from ancient Greek mythology as the foundation of literature, from Occitan troubadours to the tingling discord of American beats, to examine “the lives lived deeply”, the landscapes and the stories in which our experiences are rooted. . It also examines horizontal links, exploring themes of power, patriarchy, and impending ecological collapse.

Roger’s work is published worldwide and has been written and performed in English and French.

He lives in the south of France and is a former director of the Austin International Poetry Festival in Texas. He is also a member of the Urgence Poésie Collective in South West France and translator for the Mediterranean Literature Festival in Malta. Roger performs regularly at festivals in the United States, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Poet of the stage as of the page, he focuses today mainly on performance pieces in collaboration with musicians and on poetry films.

In addition to Roger’s performance, I will play Gaia 2020: Earth, Moon, Sky. This piece challenges us all to rethink our relationship with Mother Earth. The poem goes from the origins of life, the nature of rock, to the experience of our lives on the planet.


Time: 8 pm-10pm Tuesday August 24

Location: Church of King Charles the Martyr

Site accessibility: Wheelchair access is available

Entrance fee: £ 10 per person

To learn more about Steve Walter’s work, visit:

To learn more about Roger West, visit:

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