How did the UK, foreign newspapers and London magazines cover the death of Queen Elizabeth II?


By Luisa Markides

Last month, media around the world were concerned about the coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death and funeral, particularly in her home country.

Her photos made headlines around the world the morning after Buckingham Palace announced her death at the age of 96.

Television stations were busy broadcasting special programs that told his biography and highlighted the stations of his life and his reign, which exceeded 70 years.

Britain had the lion’s share of media coverage, which Britain’s mainstream media had trained on for many years. This was evident through the accuracy, organization and timeliness of the coverage and reports they released.

British newspapers, which appeared on the morning of Friday September 9, published 426 pages about the Queen, according to statistics published by the Press Gazette; a UK media specialist magazine.

Statistics showed that “British newspapers arrived late that day at sellers and distributors, while reporters struggled to do special issues on the Queen”.

“News of the death was confirmed at half past six in the evening on Thursday, which means that the end time for the first edition should have been extended, which is usually around seven in the evening.”

The Press Gazette added that “The BBC suspended its traditional programs at 12:40 p.m. to provide coverage of the Queen’s health, presented mainly by black-tie Huw Edwards, and on Friday morning the front-page red headers are turned black or blue”.

The Gazette also said that “a similar cover, which can be compared to what happened, was the cover of the death of Prince Philip (the Queen’s husband) on April 9, 2021, where 540 pages were written about it over a period of 3 days from Saturday to Monday. »

When it comes to foreign media from Britain and according to a questionnaire monitoring interactions via websites and social networking sites, Majalla magazine had the best foreign reports. The report, titled “Grief Turns Out to Be Medicine Itself” was authored by Luisa Marks.


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