How Magazines on TV and Movies Differ From Real Life


Magazine and newspaper offices are often used as fast-paced (and usually ~glamorous~) sets for our favorite TV shows and movies. just look Ugly Betty, The devil wears Prada, and, of course, Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the city. But how accurate are the portrayals of journalistic life? Here’s a quick look, more or less like real life.

Editor’s Note: Not all of these stories date from our time at Cosmopolitan. Promise.

More precise

The little stories

Bridget Jones landing a broadcasting career with no experience might be a stretch. But his early jobs at the news desk involve a low-key bore (who could forget this pole?) segments that are often cut at the last minute. It happens.

Full features

We’re not saying that the story ideas of How to lose a guy in 10 days would get sign-
disabled (although…), but fake social media accounts, hundreds of hours and extensive investigative work in the field – sometimes in the pub – is a big yes.

Paramount/Youtube Pictures

The rookie asks

OK, so locate an original Harry Potter manuscript (as in The devil wears Prada) is unacceptable, but some questionable AP requests are known. Trekking a cake across town for a birthday? Walk someone’s dog? Buying Willy straws for a sister friend’s bachelor party? Hmm.

Rather accurate

Sneaky Gifts

There is a scene in The devil wears Prada when Andy gives his friends gifts from the office. While designer handbags aren’t exactly aftermarket (sigh), beauty products and, uh, promotional reusable water bottles usually are.

original ideas

Not quite like The fat guy‘s Sutton posing as a stylist or Jane’s ‘Are Babies the New Bling?’ item. But instead, try to get ahead of the trends and make up stories that people might want to read four months from now.

how television and film depictions of magazines differ from real life

Freeform / YouTube

The mood boards

Jenna is in13 Ongoing 30 gets a standing ovation, while Sutton’s lands him a job in The bold guye. IRL? They only happen for big shoots. Nobody applauds.

Not precise

Fancy outfits

Sequins and sequins, high heels and hats. The best we can do is an emergency blazer and a pair of brogues stashed under the desk ready for those super important last minute meetings.

makeover moments

Ugly Betty has one. Andy from The devil wears Prada I have one. Even the years 1996 sabrina involved traveling in French vogue for a. Sadly, no one we know has ever received a full designer wardrobe.

how television and film depictions of magazines differ from real life

20th Century Studios / Youtube

Each apartment

Carrie’s loft in Manhattan SATC. Pad Zone 1 by Bridget Jones. Even people from The fat guy to work on foot. If it’s not a cramped roommate with moldy walls, we call BS.

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