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The advent of the Internet was a major breakthrough; it brought a great revolution with it and has been a useful tool for preachers, knowledge seekers and workers in all fields of human interest. It has also proven to be a useful medium for lazy, petty and irresolute people, allowing them to reach the object of their quest as well. However, here we focus on the benefits obtained by workers in the area of ​​Da’wah (call to Allah), the acquisition of useful knowledge and well-being.
The internet has been a blessing, as has the introduction of social media platforms as a culmination of this blessing for those who have made the most of it and exploited it to achieve their goals, disseminate useful knowledge and promote Da’wah. .
It is, however, painfully regrettable that we find that some virtuous people and influential workers in the field of Da’wah have fallen into the trap of social media and become addicted to it until it becomes their main concern; they can’t stay away from their social media accounts, compulsively check them for new posts, and can’t break free from their channels. They have become like someone who has slipped in the mud, the more he tries to get out, the more he sinks.

Some good people have become addicted to social media, and this – as Muhammad Al-‘Awshan says – is a disaster. What a terrible disaster indeed when people with positive impact, knowledge seekers, callers to Allah and people we turn to for advice should be turned away from knowledge and scientific production, application practice, achieving sublime goals and serving the community to succumb to consumerism!
It is a disaster that these elite individuals move away from wasted time minimization and take advantage of every moment to take advantage of it to waste long hours on trivial internet activities!
It’s a disaster that people capable of making an impact and making a change are just following social media, retweeting and adding likes and comments here and there!
It is a disaster when these people, whom Allah has endowed with some knowledge or understanding or conscience, worry about checking their WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram accounts to catch up with what is happening online!
It is a disaster that such people spend more time on their cell phones than reading, studying, helping their students, saying prayers, reciting the Quran, caring for their families and striving to reach their goals. Goals.
It is heartbreaking that these “role models” set a bad example to others in terms of wasted time, poor prioritization and addictive use of technology.
It is a disaster when the noblest and the meanest people, and their cultured and commoners are all equal in their passive attitude and vulnerability to events on social media.
It is a disaster when these people see themselves as influential actors with perceptible impacts simply because they echo the voices of others and react to their initiatives.
It is a disaster when one of them thinks that such a waste of time (on social media) – which is condemned by the Shari’ah – is a means of interpreting current conditions or a manifestation of concern. affairs of Muslims, when it is nothing. but a dependence in the full sense of the word, and an effective implementation of the Hadith of the Prophet regarding the three prohibitions (which Allah did not like for us) 🙂 and wasting wealth.
It is disastrous when these people agree to turn a blind eye to such Internet addiction because they themselves are afflicted by it; so they legitimize it instead of countering it and treating themselves and others.

Revolution Against Internet Addiction:
We urgently need a revolution against this dangerous Internet addiction, led by repentant models against this blind passive that drifts behind technology and social networks and what is happening there!
We urgently need to put in place parameters, barriers and warning signs against this pathological attachment, infatuation and loss of self in the face of social media, even if they are disguised as a good and a means to. oust evil and triviality!
We have a great need to continue to denounce this dependence, to develop the tools of denunciation, to diversify its methods, not to accept the status quo under the pretext of ‘Umoom Al-Balwa (that is to say the legality due to an inevitable necessity; when a case becomes widespread and is difficult to avoid)!

Important reminders:
1- This previous speech is addressed on my part to you – dear reader – in person, and not to a third person whom you think you are the recipient of.
One of our problems is that a person has the feeling that what is said only applies to “others” and not to “him”, like the hypothesis of the effect in the third. no one on the media impact, and the illusion that he is an embodiment. moderation and balance in the use of technology, when this is contrary to the truth!
2- Be careful not to assume that my speech is addressed to the famous Sheikhs and Daa’iyahs. My speech is more for you; for great are the roles, tasks and actions that require your potential, your time and your determination; and vast are the areas of impact that need someone like you to fill them and impact others through them. You are not too small to have an impact, and seeing yourself as the wrong person to have such an impact is another issue you need to tackle.
3- The extent of the problem is measured by considering the alternative opportunities. How much time do you spend on your cell phone? What are some things you could do if the internet went down around the world for a week?
4- I would like to exclude those whose Da’wah and educational projects are based on the use of technology to convey their message in a serious, continuous and systematic way. These people are given a serious task, through which they can save what can be saved and use technology to serve their purposes instead of being exploited by technology to serve its purposes.
5- This reminder does not mean that I am perfectly safe from this peril, but I am simply a man who felt the danger and wanted to warn it, hoping that we would be among those whom Allah, the Exalted, Said (what does): {You are the best nation produced [as an example] for Humanity. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah} [Quran 3:110] and the Prophet said: “By him in whose hand is my soul, will enjoin upon you good and forbid evil or (otherwise) Allah will soon afflict you with retribution from him, then you will invoke him and he will not will not answer you. “



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