Kristi is really proud of her daughter Belle for her accomplishments


I’ll take a few minutes of your time and brag.

Do nothing more than brag about how amazing my 13 year old daughter is.

Every parent is proud of their children in one way or another, and they should be. But make sure that even in their toughest days, you tell them how proud you are; it’s something they NEED to hear. It’s hard to be a kid in today’s world, and then you add the teenage hormones to go with it. It’s hard.

My sweet Belle has always been the kindest and most genuine soul I have had the pleasure of knowing. She cares about others in ways that I never imagined she would. She has a grown-up work ethic and doesn’t give up on things even when they are tough. She just perseveres through whatever is thrown at her.

From a young age, Belle has always had pretty ambitious academic goals. She has always had a love for reading and writing. The kind of love where she eats, sleeps and breathes everything that revolves around the arts of the English language. Her love over the years has grown into a passion and more than just a hobby. And, he doesn’t go unnoticed by his father and I or his teachers at school.

Last week we learned that Belle had reached some pretty high levels academically. With this, we also found out that starting next year, her freshman year, Belle was accepted into the honor classes. Not only are we on the moon proud of her, she is proud of herself. And it deserves to be!

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