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This Sunday, Lincoln High School will appear in newspapers across the country – not for academic or athletic achievement, but for its mascot.

Lincoln High School’s mascot will be featured in “Thatababy”, a nationally released comic strip.


The Links will get a shoutout in Paul Trap’s “Thatababy” comic strip, which is syndicated by Andrews McMeel Universal to approximately 100 newspapers nationwide, including the Omaha World-Herald.

Sunday’s strip revolves around a pseudo-award called “The Mascoties,” honoring the best — and perhaps most unusual — mascots from high schools across the country.

Lincoln High was one of six schools to finish second behind another weird mascot – the Newell, South Dakota Irrigators. The prize: a signed copy of the comic strip for each principal.

Colorful sports nicknames have been celebrated in “Thatababy” over the years, Trap said in an email this week, but this is the first year he’s done “The Mascoties.”

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His interest in unusual nicknames began at Baseball America Magazine, where Trap is an editorial cartoonist. And as he traveled to ballparks across the country, he photographed his son — the titular protagonist of “Thatababy” — with more than 150 different mascots.

So how did he come across the Links? Trap has a friend whose son attends Lincoln’s oldest high school, and the mascot fits the bill.

“It’s great,” Trap said. “Untraditional, projects strength and fantastic alliteration.”


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