“Love” on social networks: is this the way to go?

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“In the world of showbiz, if you can’t put on a show, then you don’t have a business.” It is a popular line that explains the dynamics of the entertainment and showbiz industry globally. Colloquially in Bollywood, we define the same thing as “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai…” Over the years, the modes of advertising have changed for the better, but not the basics. Another very common thing in the Indian entertainment space is following trends. “Unofficial” becomes “official” in no time when too many people follow the same pattern. Well, when it comes to love and affection in B-Town, we see couples and supposed couples doing the same thing.

Gone are the days when couples who used to date officially gave interviews to the country’s major movie magazines to confirm their relationship to the world. Today, everything revolves around “Instagram”. Whether it’s liking each other in the comments section or posting photos of each other while not directly stating “the obvious”, it’s a trend that has become extremely common in the industry. These days, all you have to do to acknowledge your relationship in front of the world is post a photo with a similar caption and at the same time and boom, job done. It’s quite similar to the movie’s promotional marketing gimmicks, where the entire cast post their respective handles at the same time for maximum engagement and traction. Well, whether it’s professional life or personal life, the line has certainly blurred between the two, because “marketing” yourself and your brand equity are perfectly important in the two aspects. While we always love adorable and sweet couple posts together, we see them simultaneously making headlines in newspapers and digital websites the very next moment and it’s definitely good content for advertising, isn’t it? it not?

Another common trend seen in B-Town is how some rumored couples will “almost” make their relationship Instagram official without saying so. It’s cute and cheeky at the same time. While rumored couples like Sidharth Malhotra-Kiara Advani, Ishaan Khatter-Ananya Panday, and Tiger Shroff-Disha Patani won’t mind getting caught together at airports and events, they’ll never post photos together, even when they go on an exotic vacation together. Yes, you will see them clicked with the same background. Yes, you will see them enjoying the same food and yes, you will also see them wearing each other’s outfits. But, you scroll through their respective feeds and you’ll “NEVER” see them (IN CAPITALS) posting photos or videos together. All you have to do is refer to their respective Maldives holiday snaps and you will understand this common pattern. This is exactly why we say Instagram is a great tool for making a relationship both “official” and “almost official”. Even Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif were seen doing the same until the day they got married. It was only after that that they started posting romantic content together while liking each other’s posts, which they hardly did when they were dating, perhaps to avoid dating. make the speculative headlines.

It’s not just about love or premarital romance rumors, ladies and gentlemen. All it takes is Ranveer Singh to post a romantic photo of himself and Deepika on Instagram to promote his wife’s movie ‘Gehraiyaan’. All it takes for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to make their respective birthdays special is post romance content with a special message and the rest is taken care of from there.

Well, to sum things up in a nutshell, whether you want to propose to someone or acknowledge your relationship in public or even divorce and separate from someone, it all comes down to the medium of Instagram. While we happily love how special couples feel on the platform, it’s also a little weird and hard to see why some “rumored” couples would leave their relationship status at “almost official” where there are tons of ways they already made it obvious? Are they saving all the major traction and engagement for their “big day”? That’s a question that perhaps only their social media teams can answer. Only time will tell when the public will be able to see the transformation from “almost official” to “official” on the same platform. Until then, let’s hope we continue to enjoy their “insta-nt love game” in the best possible way.

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