Majority of Brits still prefer print for magazines


Support for print is stronger in the UK than in the US, where less than half (47%) of consumers prefer to read their magazines in print.

The majority (58%) of UK consumers prefer reading magazines in print rather than online, a survey has found.

The YouGov survey also showed that Britons are significantly more print-friendly than American consumers when it comes to magazines: 29% of Americans said they prefer reading their magazines online, compared to just 18% of British consumers.

Support for print newspapers in Britain, meanwhile, has solidified among over-55s, 46% of whom prefer to read their news in print.

News Media Association trade body chief executive Owen Meredith said Print week that he wasn’t surprised that so many people preferred print.

He said: “Print remains a very strong part of the mix and it’s no surprise that it continues to be highly valued by readers alongside the rapid growth of digital media.”

While UK consumers, on average, have a greater preference for print newspapers than US consumers, this preference is heavily skewed towards older people: jOnly 12% of 18-34 year olds in the UK prefer print newspapers.

UK consumers generally had a much stronger preference for print magazines than for print newspapers, where only 29% of Britons said they would prefer to read a physical newspaper, compared to 58% who preferred physical magazines.

Sajeeda Merali, CEO of Association of Professional Publishers and marketing agency Magnetic, said Print week That didn’t surprise her.

“With the uncertainty that change can create – and we’ve seen a lot of that in recent years – two things remain clear: print will continue to be a desirable product that engages readers, and a curated print edition is a powerful brand for trusted content,” she said.

As consumers have reassessed their priorities during the pandemic, Merali added, they’ve turned to intentional pursuits and embraced mindful pursuits and hobbies, exactly the kinds of things many magazines specialize in.

“This intentional consumption reflects what consumers are passionate about, which is positive for specialty magazine brands and their advertising partners,” she added.

YouGov’s survey results were drawn from a continuously collected data profile of a nationally representative selection of respondents from the United States and Great Britain.


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