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High-quality magazine design software can help you create the most impressive digital magazines with an amazingly designed layout. It also allows you to display your thoughts in the most logical way so your readers can get all the information they need faster and more accurately.

Creating digital magazines for your business can be quick and easy if you have the right tools. Whether you want to create simple or fully monetized content, magazine creation tools will help you with this task. So check out our list of the best digital magazine software for every skill level and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Here is the list of the best news and magazine software for Chrome OS


Noted for making it easy to create, publish and share magazines and newspapers, FlipHTML5 impresses audiences with its interactive HTML5 digital publishing platform. The multiple output feature helps you publish your magazines and newspapers in HTML, ZIP and EXE format. In this case, you can send these digital magazines and newspapers to your readers via email. Moreover, as a powerful digital publishing software, FlipHTML5 offers you an excellent solution for digital publishing.

Personal homepage, bookstore, subscription and SEO information, all these details will be compelling. In addition to easily publishing major magazines and newspapers, FlipHTML5 ensures that your publications reach your audience on PC, Android devices, iPad and iPhone. This creative digital publishing software aims to get your publications read by millions of readers around the world.


QuarkXPress is one of the leading graphic design and layout software for creative minds. Thousands of people around the world are already using this tool and enjoying the performance and quality in their daily creation and production of magazines and more digital products. The software is packed with useful features such as images, vectors, typography and text, responsive layout conversion, stripes and text shadows, various shape tools, gradients for frames and much more Again.

Moreover, as a graphic editing platform, you can create compelling images in digital or print format and publish them to a wide audience. You can also create Flash content such as video, sound, animation and interactivity elements to visually engage any viewer who may become a fan.

Electronic page view

ePageView is a complete solution for all your digital publishing needs, turning your print-ready files into a stunning digital flipbook. At ePageView, we have been pioneers in the world of digital publishing and we are committed to providing our customers with the best product on the market. brings your publication to life and creates stunning, fully personalized digital publications transforms your print-ready files into a dynamic, easy-to-use, page-turning digital publication for online and offline presentations. lots of features to keep your audience engaged.

It provides statistical tools to keep you informed of the behavior of your audience. And our search engine optimization helps your digital publication reach your target audience. We at epageview not only offer our easy to use, advanced and feature rich online viewer. Our complete solution includes the mobile solution to view digital publications on the go. Our Commerce+ which integrates your existing online store with your eCatalog, allowing your customers to quickly and easily purchase items directly from your digital catalog or magazine pages.


Saying “Instantly create eye-catching digital experiences”, Zmags offers the 4 Rs (rich, fast, reach and revenue) of instant digital gratification to make it easier and faster for marketers to create converting digital experiences. In addition, the Zmags creation and publishing platforms encourage you to publish your magazines and newspapers with interactive content, to enrich these publications with video, animation and music.


Madmagz is another useful option available to you for creating online magazines. Such a software solution can provide users with a wide range of templates for magazines, school newspapers, catalogs, flyers, etc. The main idea is that anyone can create outstanding magazines using interactive features and then publish them in different formats such as print, web or PDF files.

Additionally, readers have the option to share your magazine on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or share it on their personal pages or blogs. You have the possibility to edit pages and you are the only person who has the right to publish your magazine as you wish.


Joomag is one of the best tools for interactive content creation, multi-channel distribution, performance, tracking and more. With this software, you can definitely create the magazine you always wanted with the most impressive design. You can also choose from 300 beautiful templates to save time and maintain magazine design consistency.

Joomag lets you create high-quality content for your magazine and then deploy it online through multiple channels. Plus, you can go beyond posting and updating content on one of the magazine pages. Additionally, Crater Editor is designed with innovative technology to give publishers full control over their digital content.

Digital edition

It’s easy to create great online content with Edition Digital. Create great digital content that works on all platforms. Our tools will unleash your creativity. No limits, no encryption. Graphic designers and other professionals find it very intuitive and easy to use, especially if you need to create something amazing online and have no digital experience. From simple PDF to streaming digital publishing, fully interactive projects, animated content, apps (iOs and Android), monetization (selling content online or monetizing 3rd party banners) and creating content hubs /media, there are many ways. use creativity.


Canva is the most suitable solution when it comes to digital magazine design software. This free online tool is multifunctional and offers a wide variety of layouts and templates to meet all requirements. Whether you need a creative presentation or a magazine cover, Canva has you covered. You can create a variety of graphic products, including videos, social media posts, resumes, certificates, and all kinds of images. Imagination and freedom of expression are the words that perfectly describe this software.

There are thousands of designs and graphics that are ideal for expressing your most creative ideas or showcasing your quality projects at work. Also, you can create eye-catching designs with custom backgrounds or cartoon-related text captions, dozens of stickers to never bore your viewers. Using this you can find anything to express your thoughts. Also take advantage of the built-in apps to add various icons or illustrations that will support your final artwork to delight the audience.


Blurb lets you turn your ideas into professional-looking magazines. The software allows users to create photo books, business books, e-books, and magazines. The magazine content format offers a great solution for serial content. You can then create your photo albums, documents or even books with great tools that are suitable for both beginners and experts. You can also use Bookwright’s features to immediately improve your book design. It is desirable to customize your pages and use any template to start your story off right. Additionally, magazine projects can be designed entirely with Blurb and creative pages sent to your audience, using PDF Uploader to create your final draft. At the same time, you are not limited to one type of format, so you can express your ideas without creative restrictions whenever you want.

Additionally, the print and publish features provide the perfect opportunity to go public. With Blurb, you’ll be able to print all your great ideas with a newsstand-quality magazine that’s ideal for serial content and high-volume print projects. Finally, no matter what theme you choose, this flexible tool provides the tools you need to craft the highest quality products.


Lucidpress is the branding and design template platform that not only stores all of your brand assets, but also keeps them safe. Lockable templates ensure that your brand fonts, colors, and logos stay locked while allowing for minor design and customization changes. Empower non-designers to create branded marketing materials while saving your creative team tons of time with Lucidpress, the branding template platform trusted by over 7 million users worldwide.

This software also allows students and teachers to collaborate in real time and offers a variety of ways to distribute and share your work. For example, social science students can publish picture books about historical events and then read their books at the local elementary school, while science students design brochures to educate the community about the local ecosystem. Lucidpress makes it easy for students to create amazing content that brings their big ideas to life. Teachers can also create visual learning aids, posters and other teaching aids with just a few mouse clicks.

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