Meet Bhavya Narang and learn about her journey to becoming a social media influencer


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Posted: Tuesday November 9th, 2021 03:46 PM [IST]

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It is true that in this world full of trends, the term social media influencer is not something that no one could have heard.

But, the journey to be an influencer is not easy. People don’t know what kind of struggles influencers face on their travels, so to understand the struggles of influencers, let’s take a look at the life of social media influencer, Bhavya Narang.

Meet Bhavya Narang and learn about her journey to becoming a social media influencer

It’s quite a household name in the industry. She has many followers on social networks.

As the discussion progresses, the other facts will also emerge.

Talking about a social media influencer or blogger is a kind of personality that influences people’s minds and actions. Speaking in terms of marketing with the help of an influencer can open the doors to limitless opportunities for the brand. This gives the company a whole new perspective to produce new projections to reach audiences.

People who talk about influencers on social platforms are those who have reached a level of knowledge and expertise on a particular topic and who consistently use them to create content on their favorite topics on different social platforms.

This leads to the creation of whole engaging teams of people who pay close attention to their business and content, and these are the people who help everyday people make decisions because of their product reviews and personal comments. to provide the right advice to the people.

Bhavya Narang is a young social media influencer with an Instagram follower count of around 20,000 with over 2.5,000 posts on this platform. Speaking of her diet, she is full of lifestyle aspects such as food, travel, life ambitions that so many enthusiastic people follow around her.

She started blogging in 2015. She has collaborated with over 1,500 food and lifestyle brands. She has also reviewed over 1,000 outlets and restaurants in and around Delhi over the past six years.

Bhavya Narang also posts a lot of content with her husband and the couple are showered with a lot of love from their fans and followers. Apart from that, she has also featured in various national newspapers.

So far, she has also featured in over 60 of these newspapers and magazines.
She is committed to impacting a huge crowd on social networks.

His blogs, photos, and writing skills are full of life, incorporate beautiful color and draw audiences. She is full of ideas and serves her audience with something new every time. She engages quite well with her followers by posting her daily stories also on her social media platforms. She continues to organize contests, giveaways, and meet and greet her subscribers.

In addition, Bhavya knows how to use her talent for content creation very well and follows her passion well.
Its “be yourself” approach is loved by its audiences and many of its followers can really relate to its content.

Article first published: Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 3:46 PM [IST]


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