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Kathy Barnette of the Republican Party is running for the US Senate to represent Pennsylvania.

In a statement, she said; “I am running for office because the right people have been on the sidelines for too long. As a result, we have created a void that is filled with despotic and debased individuals. If the past two years have taught us anything, they have taught us a very important lesson about the types of leaders we need. Now more than ever, America needs strong, authentic Republican voices to stand up and defend the American Constitution and the rights we hold dear. I will be that voice – for Pennsylvania and our great nation.

Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, George Bochetto, Sean Gale and Carla Sands are all running in the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

Barnette, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Troy State University and a master’s degree from Fontbonne University, served in the United States Army.

Kathy Barnette’s husband’s name is Carl and her mother’s name is Mamie Jo. Kathy has 2 children (a boy and a girl).

Straight out of college, Kathy met and married her husband, Carl, while working as a financial analyst at AG Edwards.

According to Decision Magazine, she began to pay more attention to politics and world events along the line. She started blogging in Philadelphia and her writing caught the attention of Fox News. She was invited to participate in a round table of the network.

Kathy describes herself as an outspoken conservative.

Kathy Barnette with her mother Kathy Barnette mother Kathy Barnette and her mother

“I am the product of a rape. My mother was 12 when she gave birth to me. My father was 21 years old. Kathy said in a Fox News article.

“I have nothing to do with my genesis. I have nothing to do with the conditions in which I was conceived. I had no control over the circumstances swirling around me. I did not have the opportunity to participate in the cumulative decisions that would be made to maintain the pregnancy. Yet all the while, I was terribly and wonderfully woven into my young mother’s womb.

“My life has value. I am not an inanimate object. I am a person. From me, I gave birth to two beautiful, healthy, intelligent and loving little people who are destined to become productive members of this great society. I am a veteran. I am an unconditional lover of this country. I am a supportive sister, a respectful niece and a devoted wife. Even better, I have the wonderful opportunity to now take care of my mother.

She added: “I am forever grateful to my mother. She had me. I am forever grateful to my grandmother Hattie, who came with my mother and me to provide us with a safety net. I am grateful to my paternal grandparents, who stepped in and helped my mother support me.

Kathy’s mother had been forced to marry the man who raped her, but the marriage did not last and she, her mother and her two brothers moved to Tuskegee, Alabama while she was in seventh school. According to the review.

“I wasn’t on drugs and I wasn’t promiscuous, but I loved to dance,” Kathy said.

Kathy Barnette’s wedding with her husband and photo with her family

Kathy Barnette also shared a video on Youtube, recounting her life growing up on a pig farm in southern Alabama.


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