New Year’s Shopping: Make Plans to Save!

Always be aware of the various promotions that occur at the end of the year. The best known and most commented currently is Black Friday. On that day, various brands, stores and retail segments sell their products and services at super low prices. The malls also usually make sales a. It’s worth waiting for these dates and investing in discounts! Always try to buy in stores that offer more advantages in spot purchases and if you buy on time, prefer those that install your purchases without interest .

Beauty salons not only often participate in these promotions but also offer treatment packages on group buying sites. In these channels you can find offers with prices up to 80% lower!

Toy stores also often participate in holiday promotions. However, often some of them have a large difference in values ​​of the same product. At these times, you can use price comparators and search a little more on the internet. So you plan and already know where to look for what you are looking for, even before leaving home!

Tickets, hotels and everything for your vacation trip

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If you are thinking of traveling with family or friends on a summer vacation, take advantage of the promotional packages that travel agencies offer. Celebrate holiday dates in different places or even on Brazilian coast cruises and international beaches! All-inclusive packages, lodging, transfers, meals and tour guide usually have very low values ​​towards the end of the year. All in time for you to get organized and enjoy the special conditions that are offered!

Vehicles and Taxes with Discounts and Special Conditions

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You can guarantee discounts on IPVA payment until November 28th. The discounts are 15% of the tax amount for those who have not been fined for two years, 10% for those who did not receive fines in 2013 and 5% in other situations.

Some municipalities offer discounts for those who pay the property tax in cash

Check with your city website to find out if it offers this advantage!

School supplies for children. The best time to buy school supplies is not on the eve of the beginning of the school year, but rather a little in advance. Try to research values ​​and buy everything you can in the months before classes start. This will not only save you money, but you will also be able to purchase products and materials for your children that usually sell out during the back-to-school season.

Appliances & Electronics. Department stores, and especially their virtual segments, often offer a huge discount on home appliance and electronics purchases. This is because in internet stores some taxes and seller commissions are not charged. Also pay attention to married purchases, some magazines sell products together and this can be very beneficial for those who want to save!

Now, if you would like to request extra help making your holiday and year-end purchases with a personal loan or credit card, visit our personal loan simulator or our credit card simulator! Stay tuned, compare prices, conditions and good shopping!