Newspapers publish tributes to Queen Elizabeth II, magazines soon


Many readers may have gone back to their old habits over the weekend – heading to newsagents to buy print copies of newspapers and magazines published by News Corp, Nine and Are Media.

While newspapers unloaded special tributes to Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday, those who want a glossy tribute will have to wait until Thursday.

News Corp Australia and Nine Publishing increased circulation of their daily newspapers on Saturday in anticipation of stronger demand.

When it comes to magazines, The Australian Women’s Weekly is the title many will look for for a keepsake.

The magazine’s editor, Nicole Byers, said Media week the team was working on a special tribute edition that will go on sale Monday, September 19.

Women’s Weekly publisher Are Media published the October edition of the magazine the day before the monarch died on September 8. The Souvenir Edition will now be on sale for $12.99.

Byers said the on-sale date for the November edition of The weekly will be brought forward with exact dates yet to be confirmed.

Business as usual today with the editions of the weeklies Are Media printed before the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

While the two new idea and women’s day the magazines on sale Monday, September 12 had no details on the events of the end of last week, which will change everything on Thursday.

Are Media advances the on-sale dates of the next regular editions of the two new idea and women’s day to Thursday, September 12. Furthermore new idea will release a one-off special tribute also on sale Thursday with a cover price of $9.99.

Who magazine will go on sale as usual with its cover of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles Thursday.

Hello magazine sprinted to newsstands with its special edition

As Australian magazines shift into high gear, the British weekly Hello magazine wasted no time with a special issue, releasing a 116-page digital and print edition on Sunday. The title will also be available later in Australia.

As Media Week reported on Friday that News Corp was working on special Saturday editions of its newspapers. The Saturday edition of sun herald and The Daily Telegraph achieved a saturation cover with the events of the previous 36 hours detailed on pages 1-17, then in a 24-page tribute magazine.


The Australian didn’t hold back either with a 16-page facelift plus six cover pages in the news pages.

commemorative editions of The Sydney Morning Herald and age started with a 24-page section with news, reactions and opinions. The Sunday papers of the two major publishers updated readers with the accession of King Charles.

Some readers were disappointed when they arrived at their newsagents. Since magazine inserts are printed before newspapers, the increase in circulation from both publishers meant that there were not enough magazines to meet the demand for the increased circulation.

Newspapers around the world have also risen to the occasion with special editions and illustrated tributes.

World special edition newspaper homepages. Source: Paperboy



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