Not All Guitars Are Created Equal


Steve Fitton of Brittens Music wonders why some guitars are like fine wines that mature and improve over time…

guitar basics

Guitars work like most stringed instruments; sound is produced from the vibration of a string when it is strummed or plucked. On a guitar, this vibration is translated into the sound we hear as it passes from the bridge to the soundboard.

Factors such as the length, tension and weight of the string create different speeds of vibration, which form the different sounds or notes we hear.

As with most things in life, you can spend a little or a lot on a guitar.

Guitars are made from different species of trees, usually spruce, cedar, maple, and mahogany. The ratio of solid wood to laminate is what determines the price.

The main types of guitar are classical, acoustic and electric.

At Brittens Music, prices range from around £150 for a basic Brunswick, up to £2,000 for a Furch, made from solid red cedar and Indian rosewood. Guitar brands include Brunswick, Rathbone, Furch and Faith. All guitars are made from sustainably sourced wood.

What’s so good about an old guitar?

Every guitar sounds different and over time that sound actually changes. As wood ages, its natural properties change, it becomes drier, lighter and more resonant.

The amount of sound change depends on how much sound is played and the type of wood and materials it is made from. In general, the more expensive the guitar, the more solid wood it contains. “Solid wood will always sound better and create a deeper sound,” says Steve.

Just like a fine wine, a good quality guitar gets better with age. “Certain high-quality tonewoods are known to improve the guitar’s resonance as they age. Used guitars are often more expensive than a new guitar because they are already ‘worn out’, much like a leather jacket. vintage leather!” comments Steve.

The wand effect

The guitar is a timeless instrument and people often keep and treasure their first guitar. On a beloved guitar, every scratch, dent and mark tells a story.

I know every scar on my guitar. I could pick him out of a queue!

The magic of a guitar is that they are all different.

They feel different, sound different, and react differently to different players.

Choosing guitars can be like choosing a wand at Hogwarts, you don’t choose the guitar, it chooses you!

You want to know more ?

Head over to Brittens Music and speak to one of our experts – we have plenty of guitars on display in the shop, we’ll help you find the perfect one for you.


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