Nova Scotia man finds decades-old newspapers with headlines about war in Ukraine


Less than a century ago, the fighting in Ukraine made headlines around the world.

But in 1942, Russians and Ukrainians stood side by side against the Nazis – a fact that a Nova Scotian was reminded of during a recent visit to a flea market.

“I go to the flea market every week. I miss one of them, but almost every week,” says Bruce Nedved of Lake Echo, NS.

“I like leafing through old newspapers and magazines.”

Nedved was wandering the aisles of the Funky Flea Market at the Halifax Exhibition Center when he came across more than a dozen “Halifax Herald” newspapers from 1942 – a time when fighting in Kiev, Ukraine was front page news. newspapers.

“It was definitely a world war. Every country is mentioned in it,” he said of the old newspapers.

The war in Ukraine is in the news again today, but this time Russia and Ukraine are at odds after Russian forces invaded the country last month.

Nedved would never have thought that a newspaper from 1942 would share so many coincidences with the world we live in today.

“They were kept in an elderly lady’s attic and they are all about Ukraine,” he said. “Mainly what I’ve noticed is just the conditions. It almost feels like the exact same thing people are going through.

“It’s a repeat of 80 years ago.”

Among Nedved’s treasures are also a number of musical scores from an era before his own.

“The one that really caught my eye was titled ‘Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo,'” he said. “And that was from what President Zelensky said, ‘I don’t need a ride. I need ammunition. I just found it very ironic and it really meant something.”

Since Russia’s devastating attack, millions of Ukrainian refugees have scattered across Europe and thousands of people have died.


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