On which satellite can I search for Ukrainian TV channels to access the news?


Photo, satellite dish in radio-transparent housing, Starlink.

It is impossible to get rid of satellite dishes, the threat of computer disaster, but just in case, you can learn how to quickly disassemble, assemble and reconfigure, if necessary.

On which satellite can I search for Ukrainian TV channels to access the news?

A satellite TV operator responded to a statement that it wouldn’t hurt to dismantle satellite dishes, according to unian.net.

The official satellite TV operator said there was no threat and there was no need to dismantle the satellite dishes.

    On which satellite can I search for Ukrainian TV channels to access the news?

Satellite dish Photo1 1 variant

(Editor’s note: it’s easier to align the dish on any available satellite (photo 2)).

On which satellite can I search for Ukrainian TV channels to access the news?

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In particular, this is how the company responded to the statement of the head of the Territorial Defense Center of the city of Dnipro GK

“Today, in a statement by the head of the Anti-Terrorism Defense Center of the city of Dnipro, Gennady K, on ​​the airwaves of the telethon, the idea was broadcast to dismantle the satellite dishes, because as if “they were all aimed at a Russian satellite (it’s so to the south-east, editor’s note), broadcasting enemy propaganda”. “I believe that no possible risk should be underestimated. This is a preventive measure that will certainly not be superfluous, ”said MK We want to clarify the situation, because this thesis has a devastating effect on millions of Ukrainian households, which, with the help of satellite providers , have access to truthful and up-to-date information broadcast by Ukrainian national channels,” they say in the company.

They reminded that satellite dishes (satellite dishes) are equipment for receiving a television signal from satellites, and from a technical point of view, antennas tuned to receive Russian channels can be easily distinguished from others, because the azimuth of an antenna tuned to a kind of “gorynych” (4.6 or 36 degrees East. and a completely different range from the long-known geostationary satellite A4W) differ up to 90 degrees

Visually, this direction is 40 degrees east. “Gorynych” has a converter, as a rule, a smaller size – 60 cm compared to 90 cm of an antenna with three converters (you can check this by looking at the table of channels and satellites, editor’s note).

“That is why it is not necessary to remove/dismantle all antennas, as this will lead to a complete information disaster and may leave Ukrainians without access to national channels and truthful information about the current situation at the front And it is now the most important thing after security.Satellite TV is the most stable type of television broadcasting, especially in times of war, because it does not depend on terrestrial transmitters.In the absence of the Internet , the broadcast remains a guaranteed possibility to watch the satellite broadcast. Why, one of the first steps was the decoding of all Ukrainian national TV channels on the satellite. We urge all owners of satellite equipment to remain calm Thank you for staying with us! Everything will be Ukraine,” the company notes.

It is enough to reconfigure large parabolas from the East direction (55) to another more interesting one (ed.)

From time to time, satellite owners upgrade and can change channel bouquets, the satellites themselves also have a limited resource.

On which satellite you can search for Ukrainian TV channels to get news


On which satellite can I search for Ukrainian TV channels to access the news?

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