Pakistan calls on TV stations to ban “cuddle scenes”, says “contempt for culture”: Reports | World news


The cuddling / fondling / extramarital sex scenes, vulgar / daring clothing, bed scenes and the intimacy of a married couple are showcased in total disregard for Islamic teachings and the culture of Pakistani society, according to the ‘order.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has asked local television stations to censor the petting and cuddling scenes, as authorities have received several complaints against such items in television series. The list of such objectionable content includes “indecent dressing, fondling, bed scenes and gestures, sensitive or controversial storylines, and unnecessary details of events that are very disturbing, distressing to viewers and contrary to commonly accepted standards of decency. The order issued on Friday follows on from the authority’s previous instructions issued from time to time, he said.

Explaining the reason for the move, authorities said they not only received complaints from the general public, but were also reprimanded on WhatsApp groups. “A considerable section of society thinks that dramas do not portray the true image of Pakistani society. Scenes of cuddles / petting / extramarital affairs, vulgar / daring dress-up, bed scenes and the intimacy of married couples are glamorized with total disregard for the Islamic teachings and culture of Pakistani society, ”he said.

“Thus, all satellite television licensees are now required to cease broadcasting such content in dramas and to ensure compliance with PEMRA laws in letter and spirit,” he added.

The notification garnered attention on social media. Human rights professional Reema Omer responded to the order saying the intimacy and affection between married couples was not a true representation of Pakistani society. “Our culture is control, abuse and violence …” she wrote.

The drama series Judah Huay Kuch is Tarah is reported to have created a storm on social media, as the teaser depicts an “involuntary married couple who were foster siblings.”

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