Piers Morgan announces big career change and social media goes crazy


More than six months after leaving the set of Good Morning Britain and later confirming that he would not be returning to the morning show, Piers Morgan is making his next big step in his career. On Thursday, the British broadcaster, who found himself embroiled in controversy over his comments about Meghan Markle, announced he was heading to Fox News to host a daily global TV show, a move that sparked much discussion about the social networks.

According to Hollywood journalist, Morgan signed a global deal with Fox News and News Corp. As part of the deal, Morgan will publish articles in Rupert Murdoch’s diaries, publish books via the HarperCollins imprint, host a series of actual crime documentaries and also host a daily TV show. . The untitled TV show is set to debut in 2022 and will air on Fox Nation in the US, TalkTV in the UK and Sky News Australia. Executive produced by Winnie Dunbar Nelson, who worked with Morgan on Hello Great Britain, the show will also be sold to other territories.

“Rupert Murdoch has been a constant and fearless champion of free speech and we are going to build something new and very exciting together,” Morgan said in a statement. “I want my global show to be a fearless forum for heated debate and conversation to set the agenda, and a place that celebrates everyone’s right to have an opinion, and for those opinions to be vigorously considered and challenged. . “

Thursday’s announcement came after Morgan, a voice critic for Markle and her husband Prince Harry, sparked outrage and a record number of complaints with UK media regulator Ofcom after saying he did not didn’t believe Markle when she revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she was having suicidal thoughts. while in the UK ITV later announced that Morgan “decided it was now time to go Hello Great Britain. ITV accepted this decision and has nothing more to add. Given this past controversy, as well as other controversies Morgan found himself in, the news of his latest professional adventure unsurprisingly sparked a backlash on Twitter.

“We’re really going to enjoy ourselves”

“A match made in disinformation peddling paradise”, commented a person, with someone else add, “And the man most responsible for the disastrous state of British politics, but cool brother, good job.”

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Was that where he was rushing?

“Development highly appreciated. I look forward to his shows. ” tweeted a person in response to the ad.

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Roasts of the day

“Looks like he’s getting ready for Trump’s election. God help us!” aadded someone else. “I hope he sticks to the truth as he did during the pandemic. We enjoyed it but now not so sure. Harry and Meghan will probably be roasted every day.”

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‘Do not go out’

Several people could not help but laugh at his departure from Hello Great Britain. Such a person tweeted, “do not go out.”

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Look for the “fiery weather”

“Oh yeah, this is the guy you worked for when you hacked into a dead girl’s phone and it led to the massive court battle that ended with the News Of The World folding. impressive m8 “, wrote to someone else.

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‘Good for you’

“Good for you,” a person congratulated Morgan. “Don’t agree with many of your views or your delivery style, but there should be a place for all views in the media.”



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