Purification of Wike, baptism of Tinubu, sacrilege of social networks (2)


As if he weren’t disappointed enough to elude him the presidential ticket and vice-presidential nomination, Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State had to watch unfold before his eyes the negative way in which chiefs of his party and others generally see it.

It is as a reason given for his losses, namely that he lacks due regard for his fellow men. He is generally seen as talkative, arrogant, unruly (in the sense that he often cannot control his emotions), quick to anger, abusive, insulting, etc.

Deep down, Wike would have felt depressed at being looked at like that. It’s like being able to read people’s hidden thoughts about you. Your first reaction is one of shock. It is quite possible that the governor considered these characteristics of him to be good traits, since some people greet him whenever he presents them. This is understandable because in this world of gross matter where good and evil coexist, we would find kindred spirits for whom sordid behavior is a kind of elixir. They only lead the one who is blinded by their flattery on the way to perdition.

Having experienced firsthand the repercussions of his bad traits (i.e. his weaknesses), through what they have cost him lately, Wike would have to find the courage to eliminate them, to overcome these weaknesses by honestly working on themselves.

Her current vacation in Europe (Turkey) in a serene environment, surrounded by the beauty of nature, offers her an opportunity for self-communion, introspection and self-purification. Ultimately, Wike should emerge from this purification of himself into a new man, born again with a new heart, devoid of bitterness, hatred but in whom is planted love, the greatest respect for all creatures, regardless of color, creed, socio-economic status. and other backgrounds.

However, if the Governor chose to continue to feed his weaknesses by flying from the hilt to the drop of a hat, always indulging in crude vituperations, etc., he would find that they would cost him more in the end. future and could even consume it completely. We all have our weaknesses. For some of us, they still lie dormant within us and have not come to light due to some compelling circumstances. But come to the fore, to be exposed to all the looks they would one day have. The sooner we process them to become a changed person, the better for us; because the longer they remain in us with their undergrowths, the harder and more painful will be the battle to banish them when they finally show their faces.

No sooner had the Asiwaju of Yorubaland and Jagaban Borgu in northern Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, cleared the first hurdle towards realizing his ambition to become President of Nigeria than the bricks started flying against him. . They are fierce, vile, ruthless. They did not even allow him to enjoy the euphoria of having won the primary election; an election which, before its start, was marked by palpable tension, high-level intrigue with a powerful clique within Jagaban, seemingly inflexible, given the feverish push for a national consensus candidate and the drafting of its former godson , Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, to compete with him.

A meeting convened by Yoruba elders to choose a consensus candidate from among the presidential candidates from the South West has failed in its mission. Rather, it was decided that each of them had the right to aspire to Nigeria’s highest political office. Thus, it is a testament to Asiwaju’s political savvy that things started falling into place for him on D-Day when a number of them started stepping down for him. He won by a landslide victory. Jagaban says he prepares for anything and everything in politics – betrayals, backstabs, etc., etc. Obviously, in his long years of preparation to become President of Nigeria, he would have seen just about everything (the good, the bad, the ugly) gained enough experience in the murky waters of Nigerian politics.

However, there is a big difference today. First, he is personally involved this time. Secondly, he directly plays the game at the national level unlike the hitherto regional level where he was largely lord of the manor. More importantly, we are now in the digital age where social media and its concomitant bloggers reign supreme, platforms for which nothing is sacred, which cannot be physically traced as such and to which the ethics of journalism does not apply. Their engine is to get as many clicks as possible and so anything goes, the end, for them, justifies the means. So you see misleading and outrageous headlines that border on defamation.

Notwithstanding everything he had witnessed in politics, Asiwaju should be surprised at the hydra-headedness and ferocity of those mud-throwers. Perhaps his opponents take to heart the literal saying that if you throw away enough dirt, some will stick. I can’t repeat some of those blatantly distorted screaming headlines because this is respectable media. But take the case of a Bloomberg article from which our bloggers pulled a catchy headline that casts doubt on its integrity.

They all conveniently ignored the fact that Bloomberg, in his report, clearly stated that “he was never convicted”. Consider that latest social media headline, “Court Must Arrest Tinubu Within 48 Hours”, which doesn’t match the facts. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the patience or are rather lazy to read the body of a story itself. They content themselves with the headlines from which they draw their conclusions and hasten to comment.

The comments section of social media is dripping with bile, overflowing with insults, curses, name-calling. It presents us as rude people with no respect for each other. Unfortunately, the government cannot regulate social media at this time, as such a plan would be misinterpreted as aiming to achieve certain local goals. Nevertheless, the administrators of this comments section must set certain standards, mainly that commenters must do so without hate or abusive language. Certain words should be prohibited. Commenters should be constantly reminded that they should criticize the message, not the messenger or anyone else and that this should be done in language befitting civilized/decent people.

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