Reader’s Letter: Hear COVID-19 Medical Experts, Not Social Media Gossip


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Every day, the newspapers are filled with articles about COVID-19, the need to immunize, and guidelines for safe personal contact within our communities.

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All of this information is often provided by our local Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Unfortunately, information and warnings are still not followed by some people. There are many in our local communities who believe the virus is a hoax, even to the point that a microchip in the vaccine will identify and track your movements.

Anti-vaccine rallies are held where people express their fear and outright deny the value of vaccines. These people display signs with slogans warning that the pandemic and vaccination are part of a campaign of “genocide” formulated.

In my opinion, continuing to heed these far-fetched theories will only prolong this devastating virus.

The virus is real.

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On August 29, Windsor and Essex County had the highest number of cases per capita in Ontario. As of September 3, Windsor-Essex had 87 new cases with new outbreaks in the workplace and in the community.

Recently, the health unit has put in place restrictions on local businesses and weddings.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, urgently says we need to get 80 percent of all eligible age groups immunized as soon as possible.

According to Dr Tam, we could reach 15,000 cases by early October. No one wants another lockdown.

The tools are there to help curb this pandemic – vaccination, using masks, limiting close contact and maintaining limits on the size of public gatherings.

To help protect yourself and your neighbor, please listen to the professionals, not social media gossip.

Michael Laforêt, Kingsville

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