Sambhaji Nagar Banjara Politician Pramod Rathod uses social media platforms to run different political campaigns


There was a continuous development of technology that introduced us to the internet and then social media platforms. Social networks have proven beyond the purposes of socializing and entertainment. It is used for different topics in the field of politics, medicine, arts and sciences. If you see, political leaders are making good use of social media tools to reach wider audiences. Politician and social worker Pramod Rathod has now taken a deep dive into the digital space to positively impact society.

Based in Sambhaji Nagar, he comes from the Banjara community. From an early age, Pramod worked to uplift society by helping people in his community. As digital media booms, Pramod Rathod makes sure his work reaches a wider audience by communicating his message through social media platforms.

The most positive aspect is that individuals can deliver their message to the masses in a short time. Moreover, social media is considered as a platform for young people only, but with the presence of people of different age groups, Mr. Rathod is carrying out several campaigns in the digital sphere.

So far, the BJP Group leader has held many positions and assumed a number of responsibilities under his name. Speaking about the integration of social media tools into his work, Pramod said, “Previous politicians communicated through loudspeakers, radio, television and newspapers. But now, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are helping me get a substantial boost that costs less than traditional marketing tools.

In addition, Pramod Rathod wants to stay connected to the public and make his works known to them through his political campaigns. “In politics, communication matters most. The better your marketing skills, the better you will be than the opposition parties. Therefore, I ensure that my political campaigns are unique and informative. I feel like social media drives election results and it helps me do better for people on a larger scale,” he added.

Among different responsibilities and roles, Pramod Rathod previously worked as Deputy Mayor of Aurangabad Municipality. He was even appointed corporator of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation twice in 2010 and 2015. A qualified civil engineer with an MBA in human resources, Mr. Rathod frequently improves his skills and amplifies them in his daily work.

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