Senator Romney channels Ted Lasso for a Halloween costume


WASHINGTON – Although he confused his beloved TV show coaches in the presentation, Senator Mitt Romney is going full Ted Lasso for Halloween this year.

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The Utah junior senator posted photos of his suit on Twitter on Thursday, and he did a pretty good job emulating everyone’s favorite football manager.

With the mustache affixed to a sweater and khakis, Romney was dressed as Ted Lasso, lead in the Emmy Award Winning Comedy on Netflix. In another photo, Romney, still as Lasso, wore a Real Salt Lake jersey.

As part of the costume, Romney patted down a copy of the iconic hand-drawn “Believe” sign that Lasso stuck to the walls of the AFC Richmond training hall.

The only stumbling block came when Romney used the quote “If you believe in yourself and have clear eyes and a full heart – you can’t lose.” While this is certainly a classic, it was a quote spoken by Dillon High School coach Eric Taylor, not Lasso.

Romney recovered in a second tweet using a true Lasso favorite, “Your body is like a day’s rice. If it isn’t warmed up properly, something really bad could happen.”

Romney wrapped up the Halloween fashion show on Twitter with a scene showing him kicking Ted Lasso while bringing cookies to his “boss”; although in the re-enactment, the “boss” is controversial Senator Krysten Sinema and not AFC Richmond’s most beloved owner, Rebecca Welton.


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