Social media abounds with misogynistic content against women in politics in Nepal: report


Kathmandu, April 1

A recent research report indicates that social media is full of misogynistic content against women in politics in Nepal.

Panos South Asia says it investigated selected social media platforms, print media and TV talk shows between November 15, 2021 and January 31, 2022, and recorded 243 cases of misogynistic content against politically active women.

“Of these, 235 appeared on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, while two cases appeared in the headlines of two articles published by two news sites and six appeared in print media” , says the report. “One case was identified in a daily newspaper and five cases were identified
six in the weekly newspapers.

The report also says negative comments, verbal abuse, hate speech and trolling by social media users against women in politics are widespread. “Most of the posts and comments containing verbal abuse against female politicians were made by social media users with few or no followers and most of them are anonymous.”

Social media users associated with different political parties also tend to criticize workers from rival parties/
politicians/media on social media, regardless of gender, comments the report.


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