Social media “little better than a letter” for resolving complaints


According to a survey, consumers see social media as slightly more effective than sending a letter when it comes to complaining to a retailer.

Less than half of people who encountered a problem with a retailer described social media, chat bots, and text as effective communication methods because technology does not improve communication with staff. Who ? find.

The consumer group surveyed more than 5,000 consumers who complained about an online order from large tech, fashion, DIY and household goods retailers during the pandemic.

Only 45% of those surveyed who used social media to complain said it was an effective option, while the only method to score lower was sending a letter in the mail. , considered effective by 37% of consumers.

Just under half of respondents (46%) who used chat bots – which often appear when consumers browse retailer websites – said they were effective, with the same percentage reporting messaging. text was effective.

Face-to-face communication was an effective option for 65% of consumers, with only 20% saying it was ineffective.

Likewise, 65% of consumers who spoke to a real person via online chat said it was effective, 63% said they had a positive result when talking on the phone.

French Adam, which one? Editor-in-Chief of Consumer Rights, said, “With so many people making the switch to online shopping during the pandemic, it is important to know the most effective way to resolve any issue.

“Our survey shows how important it is for retailers to allow customers to speak directly to someone.

“Retailers who are falling short should improve their customer service offerings and, where possible, offer customers the option to speak to a staff member if their issue cannot be resolved by other methods. .

“Buyers should always document any problems with an order and contact the retailer as soon as possible.

“If they don’t respond or can’t resolve the issue, you can try to get a refund using chargeback if you paid by debit card, or if the item costs over £ 100 and you have paid by credit card, you can try using Section 75 to get your money back.


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