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Social media may lead to apostrophe’s demise, researchers suggest, World News


In recent years, social networks have found many takers. The situation is such that almost everyone is on social media.

Sharing ideas or commenting on any issue is part of a daily business for many people. In these posts, the character limit on posts on online platforms, such as Twitter, seems to have acted as a shock absorber as it leads to the habit of removing punctuation from text.

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Some forms of punctuation can go out of fashion over time due to this problem. The researchers feel the same and have suggested that the apostrophe might go away due to the sloppy grammar issue on social media.

The study was conducted on the evolution of speech and writing since the diffusion of technology in the 1990s.

Researchers looked at over 100 million words to analyze trends. They found that informal and agrammatical language has become more prevalent in 30 years.

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Dr Vaclav Brezina of Lancaster University, who led the study, said: “We have seen dramatic technological changes, which have transformed the way we communicate. ”

The study looked at British English in blogs, fiction, newspapers, TV shows, and academic writing.

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