Social media rediscover President Kibaki’s ‘side chick’ press conference


Images of the press conference held by former President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki and his late wife Lucy Kibaki have surfaced on social media. The 2009 press conference was called so the president could deny the polygamy allegations – or, as the pages of the memes say, declare he had “no side chicks.”


The former president who will turn 90 in November was known to be shy of the media during his ten-year tenure as head of Kenya, which added to the strangeness of the press conference. Lucy Kibaki, who died in 2016, was however known to be quite the opposite.

“I want to make it very clear that I only have one dear wife, Lucy, who is here, and I have no other,” Kibaki told members of the media gathered, along with his wife. standing right next to him. The police chief was also present closely, according to The Guardian.

Kibaki said the reason for the press conference was to respond to media reports that he had “one or more other wives.” The first such report took place in 2004 when it was reported that Kibaki allegedly married businesswoman and politician Mary Wambui, with whom he also had a daughter, Wangui Mwai, under customary laws in the 1970s.

The now notorious press conference took place in March 2009, testifying to the persistence of the allegations. Kibaki said he decided to call the press conference because a former politician mentioned his alleged relationship with Wambui.

“I want to say quite frankly that anyone who is determined to go this route will see me in court. And we will deal with him, no other way, ”said the former president.

When the late First Lady spoke her anger was pretty obvious – when Kibaki finished saying what he had to say he gave the media a chance to ask him questions and Lucy filled the dramatic break. that floated in the air saying, “Ask now or never.”

Lucy Kibaki spotted a cameraman from Kenya Television Network in the crowd and said I almost came to your studio last night to attack you like I did The nation. You torment us. I don’t know what you get out of it.

Kenya’s First Lady Lucy Kibaki addresses the media while holding a copy of a local newspaper with the headline “Furious First Lady puts pressure on the police” at the Nation Media Center in downtown Nairobi in beginning of May 03, 2005. The First Lady, irritated by stories published in the local media about her family, stormed the offices of the newspaper at the end of May 2 where she held a marathon press conference which lasted until ‘at nearly 5 a.m. AFP PHOTO “KENYA OUT” (Photo by STR / AFP)

The first lady was referring to when she staged a nightly sit-in in the offices of one of Kenya’s largest newspapersThe Daily Nation – after posting an unflattering story about him. Lucy Kibaki allegedly slapped a photojournalist in the face and even confiscated phones and laptops that night in 2005.

Another infamous slap in the face of the former first lady was said to have taken place in 2007 after a Kenyan government official mistakenly introduced her to dignitaries like “First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui”, according to The Guardian.

Lucie Kibaki, a first lady like no other, died in hospital from an undisclosed illness in London, England, in 2016.



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