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Los Gatos, Calif., December 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Global Streaming Company Plex has partnered with an interactive advertising technology solutions platform ACTV8me, to provide its advertisers with the ability to turn any branded ad into a performance marketing vehicle that better engages viewers, tracks attribution and optimizes customer media spend. Plex is the world’s largest independent ad-supported FAST video-on-demand and media streaming platform, available in 193 countries, more than any other ad-supported streaming service.

The use of QR codes for marketing purposes has increased estimated at 600% since March 2020. Working with ACTV8me, Plex now enables a new digitally-driven solution, establishing a definitive bridge between brand media spend and buyers’ marketing initiatives, creating better cohesion between marketing and sales.

Plex and ACTV8me SQR Code â„¢ solution offers brands a new level of full funnel agility
Placing ACTV8me’s exclusive SQR â„¢ codes on Plex advertisers can dynamically fill multiple promotional offers in one creative location – a level of agility that is not found with any other QR code technology. Creatives can design and place an ad with multiple offers attached and are able to make changes on the fly without a heavy and costly overhaul, simply redirecting the offer to the proven ones. Brand marketers and their agencies can also deliver these offers programmatically.

Viewers simply scan the sequential QR code multiple times during a campaign on a Plex display, and the advertiser’s unique offering or content can be seamlessly transferred directly to their iOS or Android mobile wallet. Once registered in the mobile wallet, viewers can instantly purchase the product or service offered during the campaign, or they receive a reminder of their offers with geofencing tags when approaching a store or location. other designated location. From there, the attribution data trail accelerates and may include the buyout of the specific advertiser’s offer. This helps facilitate A / B testing to determine the most compelling and effective offers, with the added ability to quickly shift spend to the most impactful offers without having to waste time and resources modifying the creative.

“Plex has been a pioneer in media streaming since 2009 and has always focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of the advertising industry,” said Harold Morgenstern, CRO at Plex. “One of the pillars of this success has been the emphasis on engineering for all platforms and our advertising platform is no different. Our global partnership with ACTV8me is a new way for us to lead the industry with optimizing advertisements for brands, enabling them to be more agile, and to bring more connectivity between media spend and buyer marketing results. . All of this brings more value, incremental reach and funnel attribution for advertisers, and more fun and engagement for consumers with the brands they care about most.

“Our partnership with Plex delivers all the key factors for branded advertisers and their viewers: new ad monetization value, new viewer engagement and new full funnel attribution metric,” said David Schreff, CEO of ACTV8me. “Our sequential QR code solution, integrated with iOS and Android mobile wallets with geolocation reminders, will provide Plex marketing partners with more data-driven attribution measurement in a secure, opt-in and GDPR-compliant privacy environment. . For a Plex viewer, it really is as easy as scanning to buy now, or scanning, saving for later, recalling and redeeming such branded marketing offers.

Brian Shuster, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of ACTV8me added, “ACTV8me has pioneered the first interactive advertising and purchasable content solutions for TV networks and major brands over the past decade, and we Could not be happier that Plex offers our exclusive SQR. Code technology solution to engage their viewers while establishing a deeper connection between streaming TV choices and mobile device use.

For consumers, Plex delivers all your entertainment in one place
Since launch AVOD in 2019, and Free Live TV in 2020, Plex has over 300 entertainment content partnerships with the world’s largest studios and publishing networks including Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Sony Pictures Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, AMC, A + E, Crackle and BBC. With over 50,000 free on-demand movies and TV episodes, and over 200 live TV channels, Plex gives consumers access to some of the most loved and acclaimed movies and TV shows featuring the best of the world. drama, comedy, lifestyle, sci-fi & fantasy, horror, reality TV and more, all from one easy-to-use guide with no registration, credit card, or membership required.

Plus, Plex offers access to more types of media in one place than any other streaming service, with thousands of free on-demand movies and TV shows, 24-hour live TV channels, and more. 7 days a week, podcasts, web shows, as well as streaming users. personal media collections. The company offers a top-notch streaming media app that supports almost all platforms including smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, NVIDIA SHIELD, Xbox, PlayStation, Sonos, Alexa, Mac , Windows PCs, Linux PCs, smartphones, tablets and more.

For more information on Plex’s AVOD advertising opportunities, send an email [email protected].

About Plex
For fans of movies and shows overwhelmed by the chaos of the fragmented world of streaming, Plex delivers a more personalized and intuitive experience with a suite of free, easy-to-use, powerful, and beautiful apps for every platform. An ad-supported global streaming platform that offers thousands of free on-demand movies and TV shows as well as hundreds of free live TV channels, Plex has partnered with some of the most Big names in entertainment including Paramount, Lionsgate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Sony Pictures Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, AMC, A + E and Crackle. Plex is the only streaming service that allows users to integrate their own personal media collections with an ever-growing library of free third-party entertainment spanning virtually all genres, interests, and languages. For more visit, to follow @plex on Twitter, or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

About ACTV8me
ACTV8meThe patented and proprietary multimedia technology platform enables measurable consumer engagement and ad attribution across all distributed content, including from any video screen, signage, shelf, or store surface (such as the brand packaging). The platform powers an interactive and transactional overlay that streaming and linear media networks, retailers, sports and entertainment leagues and venues, digital outdoor advertising publishers and brand advertisers leverage their content and their advanced advertising campaigns, linking marketing spend to measurable sales. results. ACTV8me’s media partners bring exciting new offers, digital coupons and unique content to consumers, based on demographics and media consumption behavior, enabling brands to generate a more measurable return on investment. As a leader in interactive multimedia experiences, including the revolutionary new SQR â„¢ (Sequential QR Code â„¢) code, integrated into iOS and Android mobile wallets with location-based reminders, ACTV8me has powered campaigns for Warner Media, Fox First Run, NBC, AT&T, Willow TV, Captivate, Adomni, Gas Station TV (GSTV), Screenvision, and with creative marketing, media and shopper agencies. ACTV8me is also partnering with global TV production partners to deliver new interactive viewer engagement, and with world-class content producers to create original content that uses the platform’s features, to unlock new sources of recurring income.




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