Students learn valuable lessons about climate change


Grade 4 children at Claremont Elementary School created posters and marched in protest to express their frustration at people’s abuse of the environment.

Claremont Primary School in Tunbridge Wells is teaching its fourth grade classes about the causes and effects of climate change.

In addition to learning all about it, the students conducted research, wrote letters to MP Greg Clark and created their own signs.

Late last month, children took part in a climate change march in nearby Grove Park and High Street.

Candi Roberts, Principal of Claremont, said, “The students did wonderfully well, but weren’t afraid to make their voices heard! They turned a lot of heads and were thrilled when audience members showed their support. this great cause and our school so well.”

Year 4 student Lucas said: “I felt excited to do the walk. The reason we did it was to show everyone what we think about climate change and how serious it is. .

“I loved hearing the cars beep and seeing people give us a ‘thumbs up’. It was great to see that people understood and supported us.”

Nyah, a pupil from Claremont, added: “I enjoyed the walk because it was nice to prove to people that we have to act now. At first I was embarrassed by my drawing, but a few people gave a thumbs up. When they did it gave me confidence and I had a lot of fun.”


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