The decision to merge the two Pope County newspapers


Editor’s point of view

By Tim Douglass, editor of the Pope County Tribune

the Pope County Tribune and the Starbuck Times will be combined into one countywide publication which we believe will better serve both communities as well as the entire Pope County area. The change will take effect on April 18.

The decision to combine the two publications – the only newspapers in Pope County – was not easy, but economic realities, personnel and our mission to provide a better information product for both communities were the main factors considered.

We believe that together we are better, and by combining the weekly newspapers means a better weekly newspaper for all readers in the region. And, we believe that our loyal readers will agree with this assessment, because a publication in this market will allow us to better serve all readers, all advertisers, with a constant concern to be faithful to our mission and our values. to provide so much local and affordable news. publicity as we can.

We had to face the reality that much of the Times and Tribune coverage is duplicated, largely because both communities are served by the Pope County Board of Commissioners and belong to the same school district – schools in the Minnewaska area. Coverage from these two government agencies, including school news and sports, appears regularly in both newspapers. With limited staff, it is difficult to cover this important news differently in the two newspapers.

Now readers will benefit from this coverage, as well as more coverage from government entities Starbuck and Glenwood in the same publication, which will provide more opportunities to include local news and features from both cities as well as local news and features. other towns in the county. Readers will, of course, continue to receive obituaries, births, education news, community announcements and countywide church news.

For Starbuck readers, the Starbuck Trivia page, started by Helen Hoverud several years ago, will continue and with the help of the Pope County Historical Society and Museum, more historical news from the area will also be added to the log.

Readers in the Glenwood area will see more historical news from Tribune’s historical publications records and the Pope County Historical Society’s expanded history.

The strong heritage of the two newspapers, which have a combined 226-year history in Pope County, will continue and the new product will ensure a more economically viable newspaper, both in print and online, for many years to come.

We do not cease our coverage of the local area. We hope to improve it without the duplication and extra expense.

But we need the help of the community and readers. Anyone in Starbuck, Glenwood, Lowry, Villard or anywhere in Pope County who has information for possible news articles, photos or story ideas is encouraged to contact us by calling 320-634- 4571 or by e-mail at: [email protected], news or [email protected]

For advertising, print inquiries, or any business or subscription inquiries, call the office or email Erika Andreas at [email protected]

We sincerely thank all of our loyal readers and advertisers for the years of support and look forward to serving you all with a strong local newspaper for many years to come.

The online presence will also be improved

This change will include a major rebuild of the newspaper for subscribers and online users. Some of these improvements include:

• Subscribers will be able to access ALL stories, events and special sections on our website, allowing readers to get more news at their fingertips.

• The electronic edition will be more user-friendly and will allow faster management of subscriptions.

• There will be more options and levels for digital subscriptions, as well as more payment options for user convenience.

• It will be more convenient to subscribe to our digital and/or printed versions online, as well as an additional functionality to renew subscriptions online.

• There will be more advertising opportunities added to our website so that we can help our advertisers reach a wider market with more visibility.

• A business directory will be added to our website which will provide our community with business information, contact details and allow direct interaction with the company’s website.

And, we must remind our readers and advertisers that we are a viable business and want to remain so for many years to come. A publication with an expanded county-wide market will provide more affordable rates for our advertisers to reach more of that market.

Again, without loyal readers and advertisers, no newspaper could survive. We have both and plan to more than survive as we continue to serve the entire Pope County area with this combined weekly publication, our special magazines, special sections and regional publications – Western Peach and Classy Canary.


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