The students are all ready for the soapbox summer charity fundraiser


Schoolchildren are busy brushing up on their engineering and construction skills as they prepare to race in the Soap Box Stars charity event at Dunorlan Park on Saturday June 25. The Times learns more….

A number of local schools take part in June’s Soap Box Stars Kart Race – a fun charity event that has raised thousands of pounds since its inaugural launch in 2018.

The brainchild of Nicole Piesse Turner of media and marketing company Chatty Hatter, the event ran successfully for two years, but due to the pandemic had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021.

It’s now back for 2022 and in addition to local businesses involved in the races, a number of schools are getting involved and have been busy building vehicles to race when the event takes place on Saturday 25th June.

“After the second event in 2019, someone from the West Kent Independent State School Partnership approached me to see if I would include them in the next race which was obviously scheduled to be in 2020,” Nicole explained to The Times.

Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) is an eight secondary school partnership which includes The Judd School, Mascalls Academy, Oakley School, The Skinners’ School, Skinners’ Kent Academy and Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar.

Nicole says the competition is open to Year 9 students and they will have the chance to build and race their own inventions at the public event, which will raise money for Hospice in the Weald, Nourish Foodbank and Pickering Camcer Drop-In Center. It will be hosted by TV chef Rosemary Shrager and Wicked Productions panto favorite Tom Swift.

“Each team receives a base soapbox kart chassis as part of their £599 entry fee. The kit was made by the North Kent College Motorsport division, to rearrange it however they see fit,” added Nicole.

“The difference between schools and companies running is that schools have their own specific prototype which is provided by the ISSP.”

She went on to say that there will also be a special soapbox display for schools taking place at Royal Victoria Place later next month to show off the hard work of pupils.

“We are delighted with the involvement of the school children, but this would not be possible without the support of our main school sponsors, Right Tuition and Phoenix Design & Construction.”

Formerly known as the Crazy Jeans Soapbox Race, the Soapbox Stars Kart Race returns on Saturday June 25 this year.

Tickets are on sale and cost £10 for an adult, £5 for a child


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