The Upper West Siders wonder where their newspapers go


Additional! Additional! The Desperados hijack newspapers from Manhattan’s stoops and lobbies and resell them on the streets or directly to bodegas for quick cash. This ‘paper caper’ has been performing on the Upper West Side since the summer of 2020, reports the New York Post. The scam has since spread to Chelsea and the Upper East Side.

ILTUWS spoke to Upper West Sider John Taylor, a West 68th Street resident, who informed us that his “paper problem had been going on since July of last summer.” Taylor, who was a subscriber to the NY Post, canceled his subscription last week. “The days when my paper was stolen, someone [from the NY Post] would deliver my article later today,” Taylor said. That wasn’t enough for him to keep his subscription, though, as news gets old fast, especially in the digital age where you can access content online.

West 76th Street resident John Mainieri told the NY Post: “People are desperate. They will try to resell anything that is not nailed down. Mainieri detailed that just two weeks ago his “entire bloc” saw his weekend edition papers stolen from their steps and homes. This problem has persisted “intermittently” over the past year and a half for them.

Stories of newspaper thefts were also shared on the Facebook group Upper West Side together. A member of the group wrote that her husband “saw the thief follow the paper delivery man down the street [West 79th Street] steal the papers that had been delivered. A building surveillance camera was able to capture an image of the suspect, “but with a mask and hat on, he could not be identified,” the band member noted.

A thread has also been started on The next door On the question. “For three weeks no one in my building has received a weekend paper (TIMES or otherwise),” one West 65th Street resident wrote. She went on to say: ‘I’m tired of calling the TIMES they don’t do anything and anyway the problem is with the delivery company as no one in the building gets ANY papers.’ Another Upper West Sider resident replied, “We were able to contact the Times delivery company, arrange to provide them with a key to our lobby, and haven’t had a problem since. The number we called was Mitchell Delivery.

Mitchell’s NY Newspaper Delivery Vice President Alan Fafal told the Post that newspaper theft is a “big problem” that started in the “Western 70s to Western 90s” amid the coronavirus pandemic. summer of 2020. “We would have our carriers see these homeless people following them. They would wait and take it,” he said.

“Some of our carriers would try to confront them, but we told them not to because it wasn’t worth it,” Rafal said before stating the harsh reality that if a carrier is not able to get inside a building, “newspapers can easily be stolen”. . … We can fly more than thirty newspapers in an instant.

Mitchell’s NY has been delivering newspapers and magazines since 1946. The company now affixes its door-to-door newspapers with the following message: “If you bought this newspaper from a store, you bought a STOLEN newspaper, go back and get your money back!” “

The NYPD informed the NY Post that an individual stealing newspapers would face a charge of petty theft. The Post also quotes: “Petty theft climbed 17% in 2022, with 7,516 in January compared to 6,450 in the same period last year.

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