There’s an outcry on social media, where was the husband when he remarried without divorcing… “Har Har Shambhu” singer Farmani’s pain has spread


Farmani Naaz on Social Media Row: Farmani Naaz’s grief and anger, which was brought to light by the song “Har Har Shambhu,” aired on Monday. When his art was replaced by controversy became a matter of debate. When orders like the fatwa started coming in on the song, the decree broke.

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Strong points

  • Farmani Naaz targeted those who created the controversy
  • Ulema’s twisted eye on Farmani’s song “Har Har Shambhu”
  • Big decree question from those citing the Islam religion
  • Attack on the second marriage without giving the husband a divorce
Muzaffarnagar: Singer Farmani Naaz is furious. He is angry with those who drag him into controversies for reasons other than his art. Farmani sang a song “Har Har Shambhu” which is currently going viral. Everyone praises his song. Many artists appreciate his song. But, part of the society present their song by linking it to Shariah and Islam. It is said that it is forbidden to sing songs in Islam. At the same time, the hymn “Har Har Shambhu” is recited against the Shariat. In a conversation with a TV channel, Farmani Naaz said on the issue of Ulema’s objection that she is an artist and art is above caste and religion.

Farmani said that I sang a song as an artist. People appreciate it. It’s the month of Sawan, so we also made the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’ and put it on YouTube. No one stopped us from going home and singing. Things only happen on social media. Various comments are made. Farmani Naaz made it clear that today’s girls live independently. Advance through talent. Nobody should have any problems with that. Farmani said I have a devotional channel on YouTube. We sang many devotional songs. The Radha-Krishna hymn is sung. Why is there controversy now?
Farmani Naaz: Know who Farmani Naaz is… Ulemas gave a fatwa to repent of the song “Har Har Shambhu”
Farmani Naaz asked those who raised the question why such controversies are being raised now. No one understood my grief. Without divorcing, my husband remarried. At that time, no one said anything. No one understood my grief. Today, I am raising my son singing songs, so people object to it. Why is it? Why should they oppose my case? People like my songs. I work for the future of my child. He demanded from the government that such measures be taken so that what happened in his case does not happen to others.

Farmani Naaz said that I have such a good voice, so I advance through my skills. He said I sing songs with dignity. Never insulted any religion. While performing qawwali, they also sing bhajans. Referring to the first anthem, he said that when Ghanshyam Teri Banshi was sung, people received a lot of love. I also sang many bhajans with my brother. Everyone in the village enjoys my songs. To rent out. She says that when the in-laws left me, something had to be done to survive. I had few options. Choosing the song was the easiest. Continued on this point. Today, my family only follows my songs. In fact, Mufti said about her song that it is against Islam. They should give up.

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