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September 28, 2021

These member’s gym, spa, class studios, cafe, bar and lounges have quickly become Tunbridge Wells’ worst-kept secret, with the limited membership increasing day by day. Live the active and fulfilling lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, in a space dedicated to supporting you in body and mind

Enter your own world of health, fitness and relaxation under one roof, through the doors of the stylish Members’ Café. Descend to the pool and spa to rejuvenate or head up to discover great exercise equipment at every turn, plus comfortable lounges for work, play, and reunion with friends.

Leave “no pain, no gain” in the past. Natural Fit’s exercise ethic is simple: everything is designed to make exercise and wellness a pleasure every time, never a chore.

It is the fitness club to inspire you every day. From artistic interiors to bespoke wooden bikes and treadmills, rediscover health with the help of expert advice and truly invest in yourself.

Natural Fit Club prides itself on providing members with tailored personal support to help you achieve your goals confidently, in good health, and with fast, lasting results. From weight loss and injury rehabilitation, reducing disease risk or simply staying fit and mobile longer, rediscover your most energetic and invigorated self with a personalized exercise program tailored to your body. and to your mind.

When you become a member, your individual movement screening allows the club’s fitness team to identify your level of strength and agility. Additional nutritional and performance screens use cutting-edge technology designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how your the body moves, nourishes and uses energy for exercise. All of this knowledge is used to design personalized exercise and nutrition programs for you that best suit your individual needs and ensure results beyond any single approach of the past.

Gone are the days of guesswork and fashions. Unique to Natural Fit, your program will help you achieve your individual goals at your own pace, reducing the risk of injury or setback.

While it is naturally tempting to spend as much time as possible in your Club, you are free to tailor your training entirely to your schedule.

Do you only have half an hour free today? Reserve space in the state-of-the-art personal training studio for effective 30-minute sessions focused on your specific goals, led by an on-screen virtual coach. Each workout is the perfect blend of cardio and strength tailored to your personal level of ability, with an individual cycle or rowing equipment station containing everything you need so you can exercise with style guidance. efficient and independent.

In the spacious yoga studio or the gym studio, choose from a variety of instructor-led exercise classes. Invigorate yourself with yoga, strengthen yourself with mat and reformer Pilates, or relearn to move like you were born with the innovative Natural Movement Frame classes – a kind of jungle gym for adults. Whether you are a beginner to exercise or a seasoned yogi, there is a class perfectly suited to revitalize and evolve mind and body.

Relieve your strained muscles in the tranquil and effortless spa. Relax in the state-of-the-art sauna, steam room, hydropool and sensory shower. Swim freely in the expansive indoor pool, or just let the stress drain away.

Be at the forefront of the latest buzz on the Tunbridge Wells social scene. Those who have been members since day one highlight the revival of Tunbridge Wells’ social scene as the club becomes the place to meet and reconnect – something much lacking in Tunbridge Wells, until now. Invite friends and business associates to the cafe and lounges to try the delicious salads, brunches, and party platters in the evening. Develop your local relationships with your fellow members by choosing from the busy member events calendar, ranging from wine tastings led by experts to casino nights.

Feel fabulous after your class with a freshly made Natural Fit smoothie, snuggle up with a coffee and a favorite book, then end the day with your choice of wine list (it’s all about balance, after all!).

Reduce stress, improve strength and agility naturally, relax and awaken your senses. Whether playing sports, improving health and flexibility for future life, or relaxing mind and body, Natural Fit Club’s unique approach will help you feel rejuvenated and confident.

Natural Fit Tunbridge Wells has a limited number of members. Book your free personal tour to learn more about how to become a member of Natural Fit Tunbridge Wells – naturalfit.fr or call 01892 267544

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