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October 11, 2021

SweatIT is a training center like no other. It is a hybrid model between group exercise and personal training. What makes it particularly unique is that each session is led by a professional coach; This means that each member will benefit from constant support and guidance throughout their training. Personal training in a small group does not include more than 6 people per group; the program is designed to target multiple areas of the body to ensure maximum effectiveness with each workout.


From fields to farm, from farm to beautiful renovation in the heart of Sussex. SweatIT started out as a rather modest, circuit-based outdoor bootcamp. The man behind the magic, Tom Burgess – founder of SweatIT – began the journey to help local friends and family take charge of their health and fitness. His passion for fitness has inspired many people to change their lifestyle and attend regular workouts. It seemed like commercial gyms were exclusive and intimidating to many. It was clear that SweatIT had the potential to impact many more; that’s exactly what he did. From humble beginnings in a school hall, SweatIT transformed a wonderfully attractive farmhouse, the ‘cow barn’, into a facility that housed high-end equipment and supported many people in their quest for better quality. of life. SweatIT has evolved into a personal training room with the intention of aiming only for greatness. Hundreds of people became members of the SweatIT community – long-standing friendships blossomed and people were reaping the rewards of the quality of our personal workout room.


We’ve built a premium members-only gym for you to bridge the gap between commercial gyms and expensive PTs. A space dedicated to helping you achieve results; whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, or improving your cardio form.

At the entrance you will find plenty of free parking in our beautiful rural setting. You will be greeted by a member of staff who will show you our spacious reception area, give you a full tour of the facility and give you a friendly consultation. – This brief consultation will allow us to get to know you and configure the best course of action to move you in the right direction. You’ll see our personal training sessions in action, get a feel for the surroundings and meet people of all skill levels trained by our elite coaching team.

Our time and exercise efficient programming is optimized for your busy lifestyle. Each session lasts no more than 50 minutes. We maximize your potential in the time spent in training, avoiding unnecessary lulls. The gym is limited to free weights, conditioning equipment, and other accessories – again this is to get the most out of your workout. Functional fitness refers to what you do outside of the gym. We help you prepare for these daily movements instead of isolating just one muscle group at a time. All of our programming can be customized according to your abilities, desires and needs. Our gym accommodates members of all fitness levels, so you won’t feel out of place. You will receive independent coaching but you will train with like-minded people who are part of a welcoming community. We understand that life has many moving parts, our flexible schedule offers over 75 sessions per week so you never miss a session.

No need to make long term commitments, we want you to be sure we’re the right fit for you. We offer a 30 day trial period that includes everything you need: personal training, nutritional advice, a resource center, our support and leadership to fully enjoy the SweatIT Training Club experience.


The mission has always remained the same: to make a difference. SweatIT does this by providing professional health and fitness products and services to promote long-term healthy living. Over the past year, it has become evident that our health is the most imperative factor in our lives. Our members are confident in our ability to adapt and overcome the challenges of staying motivated and maintaining their strength and fitness through tough times. In the face of adversity, we have increased our membership numbers and welcomed many more into our online and outdoor training. Our current site was unable to accommodate the capacity of our current members, so we made the decision to move. With an even greater demand from people investing in their health, it is our duty to provide a facility that has even more opportunities to provide the best possible service. Our site now has 4x the space of our latest premium gear and premium features including a reception area, to die for showers and, of course, state of the art trainers.


The coaching team has grown from a single coach to a team of five. Each coach offers exceptional coaching, bringing their own experience and expertise to the SweatIT Training Club. Together they have over 18 years of experience as coaches in all areas of sport, exercise and education. Our coaches are 100% committed to providing the best training service. Professional, genuine, knowledgeable and above all fun.


To become a member of our gym, we do not require any existing fitness prerequisites because we adapt our sessions to each individual. Complete beginners receive a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental movements involved relating to improving strength, stability, mobility and endurance.


strength – Being able to perform daily tasks, such as lifting, pulling, pushing. This not only applies to muscle strength, but also to the health of bones and vital organs, avoiding health risks such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

stability – balance is a necessary action. To prevent accidents or injuries, muscles and connective tissues must be responsive to unforeseen circumstances. mobility – the body should be exposed to its full range of motion. Joints can become restrictive due to tightness in certain areas due to overuse or inactivity causing discomfort / pain and inability to perform daily tasks.

endurance – in order for us to get the most out of each day, we need to maintain efficient energy levels and functioning bodily systems. Strength training is beneficial for everyone. It is an essential part of any fitness routine. Lifting weights regularly (and appropriately) will improve your heart health, keep your connective tissue healthy, boost your metabolism / calorie burn, encourage better posture, minimize overall injury, increase your energy, regulate hormones, and make you feel better. stronger.


The four priorities mentioned above are essential ingredients for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, however, what happens when you have a good foundation for all of these priorities? This is where it gets really exciting – the goal posts are always moving and there is no limit to how far you can reach. Our state-of-the-art coaches and experts can provide a personalized approach to ensure that you are progressing towards your desired goals. Coaches offer an objective perspective, something a mirror or an iPhone can’t; whether it is identifying form defects, leading a strategy or building a plan to ensure appropriate progressive overload. The motivation to exercise is packaged differently for everyone, however, one of the biggest motivations for people to use the gym regularly is improving their mental health. Evidence shows that exercise helps release endorphins, as well as positively impacts confidence and a sense of community.


You might have thought, ‘I’ve tried everything’ or ‘the gym isn’t for me’, but if we told you that there are reasons you’ve been disappointed in the past:

  • The training program is not personal: as it is “tailor-made”, the coach writing a program cannot provide a prior review to assess your abilities / limitations.
  • A rigid plan is not flexible for real life: whether you are sick, low on energy, injured or on vacation – it does not take into account these elements nor the advice back.
  • The exercises can seem repetitive: the exercises can seem regimented and boring.
  • Easy to Avoid Training Days: You have the flexibility to choose certain exercises, perhaps avoiding movements that are beneficial but are not appealing or “easy” to perform.
  • No progress: you could be your own worst enemy. If the program is not specific or a bit too number-oriented, you may see a drop in results and motivation.
  • You rely on self-motivation. Motivation comes through ups and downs, when you engage you rely less on motivation and act more on habits and discipline.

Does this all sound familiar to you? We have a different approach. Our group setting means you will receive personal training at a fraction of the cost. One-on-one training can cost you three sessions per week – this way our members can train more, with full support and be motivated by like-minded people during their session. We believe exercise should be fun and you should train because you want to, not because you have to.


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