Top 5 Advantages of Digital Magazines Over Print Magazines


By Bryce D’Souza

It’s August, the month we’ve all been waiting and waiting for. We are not very far from “Book Lover’s Day” – a day celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy among all lovely bibliophiles!

As we approach the arrival of this long-awaited and cherished day, we thought to shed light on this rapidly evolving industry of e-books and e-magazines, which have slowly begun to take shape in the new landscape era. media. As part of our decryption, we’ve taken a quick look at some of its key advantages over print magazines:


1. Ease of access

I’m sure you would have witnessed frequent delays in receiving a copy of one of your favorite newspapers/magazines, either due to strikes, rallies or heavy monsoon showers that hit during these warm months. ‘year. Thanks to digitization, you can finally say u-u goodbye to all those struggles and enjoy reading a copy of your favourite’Herald’ Where ‘The Navhind Times’ newspaper with the click of a button, while relaxing in your balcony and sipping your morning cuppa – all with the click of a button.

2. Massive reach to large audiences

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Have you ever wondered why certain content posted online goes viral in seconds? It all has to do with reach and digital magazines are certainly no exception!

Digital magazines can be easily shared to all continents of the world. The arrival of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram has even facilitated the sharing of content on a large scale, thus contributing to the massive reach!

3. Better measurement – ​​Better information

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Who would have imagined that media consumption could be analyzed or measured? Well, that goes for digital magazines….

Digital magazines or “e-magazines” are equipped with very effective tools that help the publisher measure the number of unique visitors who have viewed, followed or even shared the publication – much like a real Google Analytics dashboard used on different search engines. marketing campaigns.

With all of this data readily available at their disposal, publishers can make any necessary changes or adjustments to future editions of the magazine, to improve performance and fit the overall interests of their target audience!

4. Less waste, more savings

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Did you know that global warming is currently one of the serious environmental and climate challenges facing our planet? Newspapers and magazines alone contribute 80-90% of the carbon emissions produced in the world. Well, that’s telling!

Digital magazines can help reduce these threats while achieving significant cost savings.

Given these current challenges, digital magazines stand out as a great alternative to mitigate the amount of waste generated by print magazines, recycling costs and fuel emissions – thus making the earth more sustainable and eco-friendly. environment !

5. The overview

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With most people spending around 90% of their time on smart devices, businesses have a great opportunity to adapt, be ready for the future, and meet the current needs and aspirations of their customers. We certainly cannot afford to lose in this race to capture the need of the moment! So let’s wake up and do our part to save the planet by embracing digital magazines!!!

About the Author: This article was written by Bryce D’souza, a young writer and columnist from Goa based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Manipal University Dubai. He runs a blog called ‘The Perceptionist’ (


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