West Fife: Charity which provides audio diaries calls for new members


THE time has come if you’ve ever wanted to read the Central Fife Times to an audience.

A local charity is calling on new volunteers as it tries to educate the visually impaired about its services.

Dunfermline Sound, a charity which records and broadcasts weekly audio versions of Dunfermline Press and the Central Fife Times, is looking for new members and listeners.

Laurie Henderson, chairman of the band, told The Times: “Dunfermline Sound has been around since 1976 and with the pandemic we have lost a few of our listeners and may always need additional volunteers.

“People just don’t seem to have heard of us, even carers and sometimes people in hospital who work with blind people just don’t seem to know the service is there.”

The volunteers meet on Thursday evenings to record the logs.

It is then edited together and burned to CD for those who still need it and downloaded to USB sticks for others.

They are then broadcast using a free service provided by Royal Mail and listeners receive their newspaper with their morning mail.

Once they’ve listened to their weekly news, listeners simply return the label to the clear envelope they were delivered in and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Many volunteer positions are available and new members can volunteer to do anything from reading and recording to administrative work.

When asked what Laurie thinks is the best thing about donating his time to charity, he replied: “Helping people who are blind or partially sighted.

“They may be able to get national news on TV and radio, but with the Dunfermline Press and the Central Fife Times it’s local news they get.”

He joked, “Of course, the favorite topic is obituaries, so we’re putting that at the end so they’ll listen to the rest of the news before we get to it!”

To sign up for the free service or to volunteer, call Dunfermline Sound on 01383740820 or visit their website at www.dunfermlinesound.org.uk


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